The Defenders of the Forest (cinematic)

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The Defenders of the Forest
Plays during The Defenders of the Forest
Region Echovald Forest
Location Eternal Grove
Campaign Factions

The Defenders of the Forest 1 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic - "Protect the Forever Trees!"


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


<Party leader>: "It's been a long time since we bested Shiro."
Brother Mhenlo: "I was thinking the same thing."
Brother Mhenlo: "I fear his return will not be long in coming."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "You worry about things that will never come to pass."
<Party leader>: "Shiro is still a threat. The Affliction will return."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Nonsense. Shiro is gone once again, and with him the Affliction."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "You should know. You were there."
<Party leader>: "Yes, but--"
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Shiro is in the past. We must be mindful of the present."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "The Luxons are the biggest threat to us Kurzicks, and it is to them we must shift our focus."
Kurzick Soldier: "Baron Vasburg! Baron Vasburg!"
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "What news?"
Kurzick Soldier: "Baron, the Luxons have breached the forest."
Kurzick Soldier: "They're on the march as we speak."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "To the Eternal Grove! Protect the Forever Trees!"
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Kill the Luxon invaders!"

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