The Defenders of the Forest

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The Defenders of the Forest
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Count zu Heltzer
in House zu Heltzer
(Echovald Forest)
Preceded by Befriending the Kurzicks
Followed by The Eternal Grove
Type Primary quest
The Defenders of the Forest map.jpg
Quest path beginning from Saint Anjeka's Shrine
The Defenders of the Forest map 2.jpg
Alternate route from Brauer Academy

Count zu Heltzer needs you to escort three volunteers willing to be turned into Kurzick Juggernauts to the Eternal Grove.

Quest information[edit]




Follow either of the paths shown on the map. Talk with the NPCs, remember to wait for Leiber's farewell to his wife to end or you will have to backtrack to get him. Remember to heal the NPCs, as their death will result in a failure of the quest. Heroes and henchmen will do this of their own accord, but with low priority. Skills that heal all allies in an area of effect can be helpful here.

Be especially wary of approaching Mantid Bosses, as there are popups associated with them. That said, if the quest is found to be difficult, travel the path without the NPCs first and clear all enemies. Then return for the NPCs and travel to the Eternal Grove without any resistance. Talk to Sergeant Geinrich to gain access to the outpost.

After retrieving Leiber, do not enter Brauer Academy or you will have to fetch the volunteers all over again.



Humans (Kurzick)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Count zu Heltzer
"Danika speaks highly of you, <Character name>. You might not be a Kurzick by birth, but you are fast proving yourself worthy of becoming an honorary Kurzick.
By the grace of the gods, we Kurzicks have found a way to create juggernauts. For years, they have proven effective in defending our forest from the Luxons, but recently, those heathens have begun overpowering our juggernauts. The redemptors have prayed on the subject for weeks now, and at last, they say the gods have spoken to them: we must develop new, more powerful juggernauts.
You must gather the three volunteers who are willing to become juggernauts, and escort them to the Eternal Grove, where the sacred transformation will take place. Head to Drazach Thicket to gather volunteers Klaus, Leiber, and Ex-Redemptor Berta. Then, take all three of them to the Eternal Grove. Do you think you can handle this task? I cannot stress enough that failure is not an option."
Yes Accept: "I won't let you down."
No Decline: "I don't want to be part of this."
Ask Ask: "If you really want to assist the Kurzicks, you will gather the three volunteers and bring them to the Eternal Grove. You'll find Klaus, Leiber, and Ex-Redemptor Berta in Drazach Thicket."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"Oh, hello. Are you here to escort me to the Eternal Grove? Well...I can't say I'm not nervous, but I know I'm making the right decision. This is the first time in my life I've ever felt so sure of myself."
"So, it's time is it? Very well, let me say my farewells to my wife, and we shall be off."
Leiber: "Anya, they've come for me. It's time to say goodbye. You know that I'm not a man of many words, but please remember that I love you, and that I do this for our family."
Anya: "Oh Leiber, I know that. I shall miss you so much, but I have never been more proud of you, and I shall make sure that our people never forget you and the sacrifice you have made."
Leiber: "Remember me, but don't mourn me, Anya. I want you to find happiness again...."
Anya: "Don't say that, Leiber! You'll always be my husband."
Leiber: "I need to know that you'll move on, Anya! I can't do this if I know you'll be mourning me forever. Please, promise me you won't do that."
Anya: "I promise, Leiber. But know that I will always remember you. I love you...."
Leiber: "I love you, too, Anya. Farewell.... Well, I suppose this is it, then. Let's go."
Ex-Redemptor Berta
"You are here to take me to the Eternal Grove? Good. I am very eager to get on with this and once again gain the favor of the gods and my people. I shall find redemption and wipe away my sins...."
Sergeant Geinrich
"Thank you for safely escorting these volunteers, <Character name>. Leiber, Berta, Klaus...I am honored to meet all of you. The sacrifice that you make today proves that your souls are pure, and that you are worthy of walking among the gods. Forevermore, you shall be known as saints among your people. Let me know when you wish to enter the Eternal Grove. Baron Mirek Vasburg is waiting."
Yes Let's go.
When you are ready, I will take you into the Eternal Grove.
Yes I am ready,
Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready first. Do you wish to continue?
Yes Yes. (Sent to The Defenders of the Forest (cinematic).)
No No.
No Not right now.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Baron Mirek Vasburg
"<Character name>, it is our duty as Kurzicks to keep the Eternal Grove secure at all costs. We've received word that Luxon raiders are on their way to this area. We must not let them destroy this grove and the Forever Trees. Do you understand? Make your preparations, and I will see you inside the grove. If we survive, you have my word that the Great Houses will do as you ask."