Befriending the Kurzicks

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Befriending the Kurzicks
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Count zu Heltzer
in House zu Heltzer
(Echovald Forest)
Preceded by Journey to House zu Heltzer
Followed by The Defenders of the Forest
Type Primary quest

Earn 10,000 faction points with the Kurzicks in order to gain their trust.

Quest information[edit]



  • 10,000 Experience
  • 700 Gold


See Kurzick faction for ways to accumulate faction. Note that faction is per account, and does not have to be accumulated on the character with the quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Count zu Heltzer

The Council has spoken. To prove your allegiance, you must first earn Kurzick faction by undertaking tasks on behalf of the Kurzicks. There is rumor that certain unscrupulous individuals will even sell faction for gold! When you have accumulated 10,000 unspent faction points, you will be counted as an ally of the Kurzicks. What say you?"

Yes Accept: "I'll prove myself a friend to the Kurzicks."
No Decline: "I don't have time to jump through hoops."
Ask Ask: "You have not yet accumulated 10,000 unspent Kurzick faction points, so I cannot help you."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Count zu Heltzer

You have proven yourself a true friend to the Kurzicks. You are welcome in our lands and may count us as allies in your fight against Shiro.


  • Your Kurzick faction cap limit is increased by 10,000 points on completion of this quest.
    • This increase is only applied once per account. To receive this reward, you must either complete the quest (if none of your characters has done so), or log in with a character in your account that has done the quest.
  • The 10,000 faction required for this quest is not turned-in when accepting the reward, allowing you to complete this quest with several characters on your account simultaneously.
  • Upon reaching 10,000 faction, the quest will become complete regardless if you donate the faction before accepting the reward.