Baron Mirek Vasburg

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Baron Mirek Vasburg
Baron Mirek Vasburg.jpg
Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Factions

Baron Mirek Vasburg is the head of the House Vasburg, alongside Baroness Attia Vasburg, and is leader of the Kurzick army. He is a guardian during the Awakening Ceremony.




Quests involved in:


  • None


The Eternal Grove (outpost)
"Welcome to the Eternal Grove, <Character name>. We are gathered here for the Awakening, a ceremony that few have had the privilege of witnessing. Volunteers who sacrifice themselves to become juggernauts are our greatest assets against the Luxons."
"What do you want to know?"
⇒ Remind me of the current situation.
"You gained the trust of the Kurzicks while fighting alongside them at Fort Aspenwood and the Jade Quarry. You were put in charge of gathering the Tree Singers, as well the volunteers who would give up their mortal existence to become juggernauts during the Awakening Ceremony."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ What is the situation at the Eternal Grove?
"We are aware of Shiro's defeat and are again focused on our war with the Luxons. The Awakening Ceremony must begin. This ceremony is a holy one. Brave and selfless Kurzicks sacrifice their flesh and mortality to become bound to the Forever Trees. They become immortal guardians, so long as the trees live."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ Do you have any guidance for the impending mission?
"1. Protect the gates with the juggernauts. Click on the juggernaut and they will follow you."
"2. Be wary of siege turtles; they will direct their fire at the Tree Singers. Use Hexes, degeneration Conditions, Health leeching, and area-of-effect skills to eliminate them."
"3. Juggernauts only respawn if the Forever Trees and their Tree Singers are still living. Be sure to protect them."
"4. Use the stairs to your advantage. Set traps, then funnel enemies through and cast area-of-effect skills."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ Replay the mission cinematic.
× I'll be on my way.
The Eternal Grove (mission)
"It is indeed a high privilege to act as guardian during the Awakening. As head of the Vasburg House and leader of the Kurzick army, I am responsible for overseeing this sacred ceremony and keeping the Tree Singers free of interruptions that they might sing their glorious songs. You see, if the singing stops, the trees will revert to their dormant state for another year. And if, gods forbid, all of the Tree Singers surrounding a Forever Tree were killed while performing the Songs of Arboreum, that particular Tree would die forever and we would be unable [sic] make more juggernauts."
Divine Path
"You are quite skilled in the arts of war. If only you had lent the Kurzicks your aid, we could destroy the Luxons forever."