Forever Tree

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Forever Tree
Forever Tree.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Echovald Forest
Type Landmark
Forever Tree Exploding.jpg
If all four Stone Singers die, the tree becomes dormant in an explosion of leaves.

The Forever Trees are special trees found in the Eternal Grove that can transform Kurzicks into juggernauts in a ceremony known as the Awakening. Each juggernaut is tied to one tree and is granted immortality so long as that tree lives. Even when destroyed in battle, the juggernauts will resurrect at their tree.

If the Tree Singers stop singing the Songs of Arboreum during the Awakening ceremony, the Forever Trees will become dormant for a full year; however, if they are killed, the Forever Trees will die and be unable to create more juggernauts.

Due to the juggernauts, the Forever Trees are the Kurzick's most prized area for their war against the Luxons.


  • There are only three Forever Trees known to the players.

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