Divine Path

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Divine Path
Divine Path.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Kaineng City
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Kaineng Center
Divine Path map.jpg
Divine Path

In the Divine Path, you can craft end-game armor (Canthan, Imperial, and Exotic) and if it is your first time through, you can get an Amulet of the Mists to exchange for a Unique item. The area is entered only by completing Imperial Sanctum.



Charmable animals[edit]





Other allies[edit]







Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Factions.

Initial dialogue[edit]

Kuunavang: "You have done well, human. Shiro's reign of terror has come to an end."

The Heroes of Ascalon[edit]

Brother Mhenlo: "Ah, there you are, <character name>. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all that you have done.
Cynn: "Can we leave now?"
Devona: "Cynn, you're being rude..."
Cynn: "I'm just speaking my mind, Devona. I'm sure Mhenlo had a wonderful time visiting with all of his old friends, but it's time we headed back to Tyria."
Eve: "I think somebody is jealous."
Cynn: "Jealous? Of who?"
Eve: "Oh, I don't know. Perhaps Jamei. Or the twins. Or Danika. Or maybe that nice guard that let us into..."
Aidan: "That's enough, Eve."
Brother Mhenlo: "We don't need to fight among ourselves. Besides, Cynn is right. It's time we headed home."

The Monastery[edit]

Zho: "Well met, <character name>! Many have come here from Shing Jea Island to honor you."
Panaku: "We are also here to mourn Master Togo. I regret he will not see me atone for my past. I know that I was a disappointment to him."
Headmaster Vhang: "Do not dwell on such things, Panaku. We have important decisions ahead. Who will take Master Togo's place? I could be the youngest to ever hold the position. I am sure it is what Master Togo would have wanted...."
Kai Ying: "And people think I am always joking."
Headmaster Vhang: "But I am not joking."
Kai Ying: "That is the problem."

Mei Ling: "So, after you defeated the Luxons in the Convocation, what happened next?"
Lo Sha: "Now, now, Mei Ling, I had help. <character name> was there, too."
Mei Ling: "You are too modest, my love."

The Tengu[edit]

Talon Silverwing: "The Tengu honor your deeds this day, <character name>. You have shown my people that nobility and strength of spirit may be found among humans. You have given us hope that we may yet know true peace. For this, you will always be welcome among us."

The Vassal States[edit]

Count zu Heltzer: "The saint of old have guided you well, <character name>. All of the Kurzick people owe you a great debt this day. To <character name>!"

Elder Rhea: "Every clan, every individual who sails with the Great Luxon Armada owes you much, <character name>. Never before have we seen one with your strength. You are welcome to fight by our side whenever you wish. May you always know victory on the field of battle."

The Paper Pushers[edit]

Minister Zal: "Ah, <character name>, my friend! It is so good of you to meet with us after succeeding with your mission for the ministry! On behalf of the Ministry of Flame, I would like..."
Minister Jaisan: "Just a moment, Zal! <character name> was under orders from the Ministry of Earth..."
Minister Nai: "Lies! It was clearly the responsibility of the Ministry of Water..."
Minister Tao: "My friends, you are forgetting paragraph 12 of subsection D on form 427K, which clearly states...:
Canthan Peasant: "You ministry officials are worthless!"
Canthan Peasant: "Yes! You did nothing against the plague!"
Canthan Peasant: "If it was not for <character name>, we would all be dead!"
Minister Zal: "Yes, we should all applaud the actions of <character name>. Jaisan, Nai, Tao...applaud!"

Paying Respects[edit]

Emperor Kisu: "Cantha mourns the loss of a great man this day."
Emperor Kisu: "Master Togo was beloved by all. His service during the Tengu Wars brought peace to a nation torn by war."
Emperor Kisu: "Perhaps his greatest accomplishment stands embodied before us."
Emperor Kisu: "In our time of greatest need he brought forth heroes, the likes of which we have never seen before and likely will never see again."
Emperor Kisu: "You have done the impossible."
Emperor Kisu: "You have defeated Shiro."
Emperor Kisu: "You have brought an end to the plague."
Emperor Kisu: "You have brought peace, however brief, to two peoples who have known only war."
Emperor Kisu: "You have saved Cantha."
Emperor Kisu: "And for that, I bow to you."


  • This and the Zaishen Menagerie are the only areas in Guild Wars where you can tame a Phoenix (although a Rainbow Phoenix can be obtained from your own Hall of Monuments when the requirements are met).
  • NPCs will start talking when the first character passes and that character's name will be inserted in the conversation.
Bug Bug. While in Divine Path, Mercenary Heroes will look like male Doppelgangers in the Inventory pane.
Bug Bug. Sometimes the first Phoenix, which usually spawns near Suun, may spawn behind the closed door. However, it's still possible to tame it.


  • Lo Sha and Mei Ling's dialogue refer to the Boreas Seabed mission, where Lo Sha is not available as a henchman.
  • If you remain in this area long enough, a complete listing of game credits will start to scroll up the screen.
  • The Divine Path has almost every single NPC that you have encountered in Factions in this one location.
  • Emperor Kisu will dance once the fireworks begin.
  • Emperor Kisu's speech is possibly a reference to the film Mulan, where at the end the emperor of China remarks on what Mulan has done, and his last two sentences are identical.

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