Minister Jaisan

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Minister Jaisan
Canthan noble m purple.jpg
Affiliation Celestial Ministry
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Factions

Minister Jaisan currently holds the office of the Minister of Earth, the top-ranking official in the Ministry of Earth.



Quests given:



Kaineng Center
"I assume you have filed the proper scrollwork that is required to converse with me? It may sound like unnecessary red tape, but I am a very busy man; there are many people that wish to speak with the Minister of Earth, you know."
Raisu Pavilion
"Have you filed the proper scrolls that are required to converse with me? If not, be gone...the Minster of Earth does not have time to waste. Can you not see that I am busy thinking up complicated new building codes? After all, we cannot have peasants building shacks just anywhere."
"You are still here. What do you want?"
Divine Path
"I am a man of the people. Would you mind spreading the word around? I do not like speaking to peasants."