Seaguard Eli

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Seaguard Eli
Luxon weaponsmith.jpg
Affiliation Luxons
Type Human (boss)
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Henchman
Level(s) 20
24 (30)
Campaign Factions

Seaguard Eli is the elder brother of Daeman, who is the champion of the Crab clan. Although the stronger of the two, Eli believes that his brother's intelligence makes him the better champion, and is thus content with serving as his brother's seaguard.

He is labeled as a Guardian Henchman.







Boss in Boreas Seabed mission

9-11 Tactics



  • Has two defensive skills that affect your party
  • Can instantly target "Coward!" on any moving foe.


  • Lower damage output than other melee henchman.
  • Does not prioritise targets well when using "Coward!".
  • Healing Signet lowers armor during activation, decreasing durability.


Boreas Seabed mission outpost:

"We of the Seaguard are bound to our Champion from birth. It is our duty to provide support during battle."

The Jade Sea towns and outposts:

"Hello, I'm Eli. I take it you've met my brother, Daeman? He tells me you're a great warrior. I think I remember fighting you in the Convocation, but I'm not sure~ I took a few blows to the head during that battle and things are a little fuzzy. I'm always willing to help a friend, and I never mind a chance to bust a few heads."

Divine Path:

"It is an honor to meet someone who possesses such strength."


"Have you met my little brother Daeman before? He's very clever. He comes up with all sorts of schemes I can't even understand."
"Some people have asked me why I am not Champion instead of my brother. I may be stronger than him, but he is more smart than I could ever be, and that is very useful in combat."
"Sometimes I wish I could just rush into battle and start breaking heads, but Daeman always tells me that it's better to be careful."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Come back here so I can hit you!"
"Don't run off, the fight's just started!"
"Hit them in the squishy parts!"
"I do love the sound a hammer makes when it breaks a jaw."
"Let me break your face. You'll thank me later!"
"Let's get them!"
"On the ground with you, fiend!"
"Stand still, I'm trying to break your arm!"
"This is fun!"
"You'll look much better once I have crushed your face!"


  • All three Luxon seaguard henchmen have unique-looking armor. Eli's armor is unique among the three in that it does not resemble any armor that players can acquire.
  • He wields a Dadao Sword and a Gothic Defender.


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