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Affiliation Luxons
Type Human
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Service Henchman
Level(s) 3...20
Campaign Factions

Aeson is a student at Shing Jea Monastery who's also a member of the Luxon Crab Clan. He is available as a Ritualist henchman in some parts of Cantha.

He is labeled as a Spirit Henchman.





12 Communing, 11 Spawning Power at level 20

Ally in Unwaking Waters[edit]

13-14 Channeling Magic, 15 Restoration Magic


  • Flesh of My Flesh costs Aeson 50% of his health and does not restore targets to full health; it is a risky choice during battles.
  • He has the same binding rituals (Pain, Shadowsong, Union) which the beginner Ritualists get as a reward for the quests in Shing Jea area. Therefore Ritualists are advised not to use these skills if Aeson is in the party.


Shing Jea Island towns and outposts
"I am Aeson of the Crab Armada. I am something of a rarity among my people, I was born blind you see. Normally I would have been left out on the jade; given to the sea. However Master Togo convinced my father that I had rare gifts, that I could display my strength by binding spirits to my will. I owe the Master a great debt. Did you need something?"
Wajjun Bazaar (during Mayhem in the Market)
"It is now time to show what you have learned. This is the true test of one's strength."
The Jade Sea towns and outposts
"It is strange to return to my people after being an outcast for so long. They no longer see my lack of sight as a weakness, and treat me with a respect that I am unused to. In some ways I was more comfortable the way things used to be. Did you need something?"
Divine Path
"Fighting by your side was quite an experience, (character name). I feel like I am now ready to take my place among my people. Perhaps one day I will even become a champion."


Shing Jea Island towns and outposts
"Even though I am blind, I can see that you could use my help."
"Invite me to go with you and you won't be sorry, my strength of will is second to none."
Shing Jea Island
"It is strange to come to a place surrounded by water. I can't imagine that my home on the Jade Sea was once much like this island."
"Soon I will return to my homeland. When I left I was not well respected, thought to be weak. I can only hope that my father recognizes that I am no longer a liability to the Crab."
"When Master Togo first brought me here I was unsure of my abilities, afraid and alone. I have since left such weaknesses behind."
The Jade Sea
"I sometimes miss Shing Jea Island and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The Jade Sea is too silent."
"The Jade Sea is a dangerous place, we should not linger in one place for too long."
"When the sea was turned to jade, countless living creatures were trapped beneath the waves. I can feel the presence of their spirits all around us."

Battle quotes[edit]

"For the Crab!"
"I will make my father proud."
"I will prove my worth."
"I will speed your journey to the Mists."
"Only the strong will survive!"
"Strength of will should not be underestimated."
"The mists call."
"The Spirits heed my call."
"When you meet your ancestors tell them Aeson sent you!"
"You are too weak to survive!"



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