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Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Service Henchman
Level(s) 2...13
Campaign Factions

Taya is available as a monk henchman on Shing Jea Island.

She is labeled as a Healer Henchman.




Shing Jea Island[edit]

Level 13 has 8-10 Healing Prayers


  • Lacks decent party-wide healing.
  • No condition removal.
  • Healing Breeze is not energy efficient or used effectively by the AI.


Monastery Overlook:

"Hello. My name is Taya. I am studying to be a Monk."

Shing Jea Island towns and outposts:

"Greetings, if you have need of healing I will accompany you. Or did you have a question for me?"

Divine Path:

"You have driven back the darkness."


Shing Jea Island towns and outposts:

"It never hurts to have an extra healer, I would be honored to join you."
"One cannot stand against the darkness alone. Together we will vanquish evil."

Shing Jea Island:

"Evil is near."
"Evil will never triumph."
"The world is not as complex as a place as most would have you believe. There is right and there is wrong. There is good and there is evil. You must decide which side you belong to, for there can be no in between."
"There is a clear line that divides the darkness and the light."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Dwayna bless us all."
"Evil must be defeated."
"I sense the taint of darkness."
"Light will always triumph over darkness."
"Victory for Dwayna!"
"Vile creature."



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