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Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Service Henchman
Level(s) 1...20
Campaigns Factions
Eye of the North

Kisai is a student Elementalist at the Shing Jea Monastery. She is available as a henchman on most parts of Shing Jea Island. She is generally unsure of her abilities and is overly timid for someone that can command the very power of the elements to destroy her foes. She is the middle child and the most mature of her two sisters, the eldest being Natsumi, and the youngest is Jun.

She is labeled as a Shock Henchman.


Eye of the North


Factions henchman
Eye of the North, in The Norn Fighting Tournament

15 Air Magic


  • Build is much less energy intensive than other Elementalist henchmen.


Monastery Overlook:

"Salutations! I am Kisai. I am so nervous! Are you? No, you don't look it... not like me. When I get nervous I tend to babble on and on about nothing... Oh, I am doing it now, am I not? Apologies."

Shing Jea Island towns and outposts:

"I am honored to meet you, my name is Kisai. You look like you really have a lot of confidence, I wish I could say the same for myself. I~ I'm not sure I belong here to tell you the truth. I just don't picture myself as some sort of hero, that's all, I mean I'm nothing special really. Not like Mai, or Lukas, or Aeson, or well, just about anyone else here. I will try to do my best, but I'm just not sure that's good enough. I'm sorry to ramble on like this. Did you need something?"

Wajjun Bazaar, during Mayhem in the Market:

"I need to be strong to protect my family. I am nothing special, but I will do what I can. With Master Togo's teachings I will make it through."

Divine Path:

"You have given me the confidence to fight for what I believe in. Thank you."


Idle quotes[edit]

Shing Jea Island towns and outposts:

"If only someone would invite me to group with them... but who would do such a thing?"
"Please, someone invite me to go with you. I promise I will try to do my best."

Shing Jea Island:

"I try to be brave, but it's just so hard. My father always tell me that "fear cuts deeper than a blade." That fear is the true enemy. I know he's right and I'll keep trying, but it's just so hard."
"Maybe we should return to the monastery? We are a long way from home."
"Sometimes I wish I was back safe at home with my sisters. My older sister is a guard in the Imperial City and my younger sister is a great artist."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Be brave Kisai, be brave."
"Concentrate Kisai, concentrate."
"Did I do that wrong? Sorry."
"I have a bad feeling about this."
"I think I can do it."
"I'll try my best."
"I'm glad my father isn't here to see this."
"I'm not very good at this."
"Oh no."


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