Erys Vasburg

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Erys Vasburg
Erys Vasburg render.jpg
Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Service Henchman
Level(s) 20
Campaign Factions

Erys Vasburg is available as a henchman in Echovald Forest and some outposts in Kaineng City and the Jade Sea. He is a member of Kurzick Great House of House Vasburg.

He is labeled as a Domination Henchman.





  • Empathy is effective against attackers.
  • Can interrupt spells and skills.
  • Can cause knockdown with Psychic Instability.
  • Can remove hexes.
  • Possesses a self-heal.
  • Henchmen do not use or prioritize interrupts effectively.


Echovald Forest towns and outposts:

"There is much beauty in this world, and it is my duty to safeguard that which is the most beautiful. My life, my very soul has been sworn to make certain that the light that is Danika zu Heltzer is never extinguished. Did you have something to talk about?"

In Divine Path:

"Thank you for helping me keep Danika safe."


Echovald Forest:

"In each of us, there is such beauty and such abomination."
"My devotion to Danika is as solid as these trees."
"You end up loving that which you protect."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Care to dance the dark dance?"
"It is a magnificent day for battle."
"My life for hers!"
"Saints of old be with me now!"
"Saints of old give me strength!"
"Saints of old guide my sword; if I should fall then guide my soul!" (same as Lukas, possibly a House Vasburg battle cry)
"When you fall, I shall immortalize you in song!"
"Your darkness will be illuminated."



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