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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Factions henchman. For the GvG henchman, see Aurora Allesandra.
Affiliation Luxons
Type Human (boss)
Profession Ranger Ranger
Service Henchman
Level(s) 20
24 (30)
Campaign Factions

Aurora is a Luxon Serpent Clan champion fought as a boss during the Boreas Seabed mission. She is later available as a henchman in the Jade Sea after the Convocation. She has a pet called Hector, a Reef Lurker. Seaguard Gita has been tasked with training and protecting Aurora since she was very young.

She is labeled as a "Longbow Henchman."







Boss in Boreas Seabed mission

15 Marksmanship (20 Marksmanship in Hard mode)



  • Reasonable damage and resilience.
  • Hector gains life stealing with Heal as One.
  • Hector provides an extra target for foes.
  • Can heal both herself and Hector with Heal as One.
  • Can quickly resurrect Hector with Heal as One.
  • Can knock down and daze foes.



Boreas Seabed mission outpost:

"I fight for the Serpent and will honor the Luxon Armada with your defeat. But I suppose you'll find out in the arena, won't you? Between us, Argo is mighty, but I know I can beat him."

The Jade Sea town and outposts:

"You may have been victorious in the Convocation, <Character Name>, but that does not make you a Luxon. I suppose I should keep an eye on you, though... just to make sure you don't do anything foolish.
What do you want?"

Divine Path:

"I am looking forward to a respite from all of this conflict. I know it's not a popular sentiment among my people, but we could all use a rest."


Boreas Seabed mission:

"Come, face your end like a true hero." (when her group spawns)
"I welcome this death." (when she is defeated)

The Jade Sea:

"I don't think Hector likes you."
"My pet looks hungry, would you like to feed him?"
"Who's a good boy, Hector? That's right. You're a good boy."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Aim for the eyes!"
"Don't worry, that bite won't leave a scar. You'll be dead before it heals."
"Don't eat that, Hector! It'll upset your stomach!"
"For the honor of Serpent!"
"Get them, Hector!"
"Go for the belly, Hector! That's where the juicy bits are!"
"Good work, Hector! Show them no mercy!"
"Hector! To me!"
"Hit them in the squishy parts!"

Items dropped[edit]


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