Lo Sha

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Lo Sha
Lo Sha.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Professions Mesmer Mesmer
Necromancer Necromancer
Service Henchman
Level(s) 10, 16, 20
Campaigns Factions
Eye of the North
Lo Sha face.jpg
Lo Sha without mask

Born in: Kaineng City
Nation: Cantha
Profession: Mesmer
Age: 25
Lo Sha is one of the most brilliant teachers at Shing Jea Monastery, but like many true geniuses, he is somewhat addled when it comes to small details. And like many Mesmers, he is justifiably vain and proud. Headmaster Kaa likes to say that if Lo Sha would focus on his skills as much as he focuses on his fellow Mesmer instructor, Mei Ling, he could be one of the greatest Mesmers in Canthan history. So far, Lo Sha's obsession with Mei Ling has kept him just shy of true greatness, but even so, few can equal his talent with illusion, inspiration, and domination magic.

Lo Sha joins Mhenlo's group at Master Togo's insistence—Togo is one of the few beings Lo Sha truly respects, and the Mesmer would follow the master of Shing Jea Monastery into the underworld if asked. He prefers, however, to remain at the monastery whenever possible, studying new and spectacular ways to manipulate the perceptions of others—especially Mei Ling’s.

The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

Lo Sha (born either 1046 or 1047 AE) is one of the teachers at Shing Jea Monastery. He is labeled as an "Illusion Henchman."



Quests given:

Quests involved in:



Eye of the North


Jaya Bluffs
Vizunah Square


The Norn Fighting Tournament

15 Illusion Magic



  • Henchmen cannot prioritize interrupts, so Power Return could be wasted interrupting a cheap, spammable skill such as Flare.

Eye of the North[edit]

  • No enchantment removal skill.
  • Limited damage dealing capabilities.



Monastery overlook
"Now is not the time to talk. Please concentrate on your studies."
Jaya Bluffs
"Stay alert and keep quiet."
Zen Daijun (outpost)
"I hope Mei Ling is doing alright. She had to stay back at the monastery to guard the others. If she wanted to guard anyone it would be Headmaster Kaa, most likely. I have no idea what she sees in that old man. I hope we get this plague business sorted out soon so things can return to normal around here. Did you need something?"
Kaineng City towns and outposts
"When Master Togo picked me to come help defeat the plague on the mainland, I was shocked. Of course, he could not send Headmaster Kaa. He would just make a mess of things. But I ache to be away from Mei Ling for so long. Surely he could have found someone else to send.
Did you need something?"
Divine Path
"I, umm...may have exaggerated my role in things to Mei Ling. Please do not tell her, okay?"

Eye of the North[edit]

Far Shiverpeaks towns and outposts
"Don't bother introducing yourself. I can tell from the cut of your clothes where you're from, right down to the street name. You're the hero, right? See? I'm amazing!"
Doomlore Shrine
"No, no, don't tell me... let me read your aura. You're going on a journey... into dangerous lands... and you need me... to help! Ha! I've done it again! That'll be five gold, please."
Tarnished Coast towns and outposts
"I feel a strange vibration coming from your inner eye. Aaah, I'm having a vision! A vision of you fighting horrible monsters. You're in grave danger. Am I good or what?"
Central Transfer Chamber
"I'm the greatest mentalist the world has ever known! Come here. Let me read your palm and I'll tell you the future. Let's see, you're traveling through great dangers into unknown realms. So easy!"
"Look at these pants! I mean LOOK AT THESE PANTS. All this time, still sparkly as ever. Just fabulous!"



Kaineng City
"At least we left that old fool Kaa on Shing Jea Island."
"Has an illusion taken hold of you? Why are we standing in one place for so long?"
"I long to gaze into Mei Ling's eyes!"

Eye of the North[edit]

"I wonder what Mei Ling is doing right now? Oh yes, she's probably thinking of me."

Battle quotes[edit]


"A little trickery should work here."
"Don't delude yourself, you can't defeat me."
"Don't lose your mind!"
"For Mei Ling!"
"I have the power to cloud men's minds!"
"I'd like to see Headmaster Kaa do that."
"I'll show Mei Ling who the most powerful mesmer is!"
"I'll turn their power against them."
"Not in the face!"
"You can't outwit me!"

Eye of the North[edit]

"Clumsy buffoons."
"Come to your senses and die!"
"I will feast on your ether!"
"If Mei Ling could see me now..."
"Is it real... or is it illusion?"
"Mei Ling completes me!"
"Never bet against a Mesmer."
"This one's for you, Mei Ling!"
"Try this one for size!"
"What do you think of my outfit? Nice, right?"
"What's behind the mask? Guess you'll never know."


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