To the Rescue (Factions quest)

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To the Rescue
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Zho
in Jaya Bluffs
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Looking For Trouble
Followed by To Zen Daijun
Type Primary quest
To the Rescue (Factions quest) map.jpg
From Jaya Bluffs

Join up with a second group of instructors trying to protect Linkei Township from an afficted assault.

Quest information[edit]





Once you meet up with the four NPCs (Su, Sister Tai, Professor Gai, and Kai Ying) at the Linkei Township, you will be attacked by Sickened Guards and Afflicted from both sides after a short dialogue sequence. Although Professor Gai and Kai Ying will only attack with their staves, Sister Tai will heal your party with Orison of Healing and Su will cast Life Siphon on enemies. You will want to stay by these four throughout the quest to make sure you capitalize on their assistance; if any die, they cannot be resurrected. If Su dies you will be unable to claim the reward and will have to rezone to claim the reward and acquire To Zen Daijun.

There are two methods to beating this quest. The first is to have your entire party sit by the four NPCs, and simply wait for the Afflicted to come to you; this can lead to chaotic battles that can become overwhelming. The other method is to take a more liberal approach, by moving your team away from the NPCs and take out the foes before they reach your colleagues; this method reduces the chaos of the battle, but requires that you keep a constant eye on your allies, lest they become overwhelmed (especially when the afflicted boss arrives). Both methods are well served by placing spirits (e.g. Pain or Favorable Winds) and traps in various locations.

Once you complete this quest, the four NPCs will follow you until you complete To Zen Daijun. So if you do this quest first, it will make the other quests in Haiju Lagoon much easier, as the NPCs will continue to help your party.







Initial dialogue[edit]

"Master Togo has sent Su, Sister Tai, Kai Ying, and Professor Gai to Haiju Lagoon to check on the status of Linkei Township. He asks that you join them when you are finished here; aside from Su, they are not...well, they are not the hardiest group, and will need some help.
Have a safe journey, my friend."
Yes Accept: "I will leave immediately."
No Decline: "I am not ready to travel."
Ask Ask: "Your instructions are to meet the others in Linkei Township in Haiju Lagoon. Su, Sister Tai, Kai Ying, and Professor Gai will need your assistance, I am sure."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

On meeting the group:

Professor Gai: "The cavalry arrives at a most opportune moment! Although I had anticipated a rather shall I put it...impressive cavalry."
Sister Tai: "I am certain Master Togo knew what he was doing when he sent <party leader>, Professor. Remember, we must remain calm even in the face of the most daunting enemy."
Su: "Remain calm? Little sister, we have afflicted coming at us from all sides! At least there will be no shortage of corpses...."
Kai Ying: "Things may look dire, <party leader>, but take heart; perhaps we will live on as a pair of Su's minions."

After defeating all attackers:

Kai Ying: "We made it! Life is full of surprises, eh, Professor?"
Professor Gai: "Indubitably."
Su: "Hey, <party leader>! Come over here. I need to talk to you."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Thank you for the help, <character name>. You have come far since your arrival at the monastery. Now, we have more business we must attend to."


  • Occasionally, some groups of Afflicted will become stuck while walking to the fight, specifically on the bridge to the west. If the quest fails to update, and Su does not respond with the completion dialogue, check that you have killed all Afflicted mobs in the area.
  • After defeating all attackers, Su says "Hey, <party leader>! Come over here. I need to talk to you" for the reward dialogue, even when this quest is active on another party member and not the leader. The reward dialogue will only appear for the member(s) who has/have this quest active.
Bug Bug.The Quest Log displays "Zho (Haiju Lagoon)" even though she gives this quest in Jaya Bluffs and she never spawns in Haiju Lagoon.