To Zen Daijun

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To Zen Daijun
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Su
in Haiju Lagoon
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by To the Rescue
Followed by Zen Daijun
Type Primary quest
To Zen Daijun map.jpg
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Escort the four Instructors to Zen Daijun.

Quest information[edit]



  • Travel with Su, Professor Gai, Sister Tai, and Kai Ying to the gates of Zen Daijun.
  • Speak with Master Togo at the gates of Zen Daijun.
  • Speak with Brother Hanjui.
  • See Brother Hanjui for your reward.



This quest should actually be quite easy. The map to the upper right shows the path you will take. Normally you only encounter 3 groups of 3-4 afflicted (level 12-15) each. Because you are helped by Su, Professor Gai, Sister Tai, and Kai Ying, killing these afflicted should not be a problem. For this reason, you should consider doing any of the area's secondary quests before completing this quest; they will also be much easier due to your larger party. Be cautious though, as Su must be alive when you finally reach Master Togo, or you will not be allowed into the next outpost (if there's a problem, Su is often the first of the four to die).




Initial dialogue[edit]

"Just before the plague creatures began that attack, Master Togo sent word that we were to meet him at the gates of Zen Daijun. He asked that you accompany us.
Zen Daijun is just south of here. When you are ready, lead the way, and we will follow you."
Yes Accept: "I will accompany you to Zen Daijun."
No Decline: "I am otherwise engaged."
Ask Ask: "We are to meet Master Togo to the south at the gates to Zen Daijun."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Sister Tai
"At last, we have reached Zen Daijun!"
Master Togo
"Well done, young one. I believe we have finally discovered the source of the plague here in Zen Daijun. When you are ready to enter the valley, speak with Brother Hanjui and he will let us past."
Brother Hanjui
"If Master Togo has faith in your skill, then so must we. Let me know when you are ready, and we can head into the valley"
Yes We are ready to help clear Zen Daijun of this affliction.
"If Master Togo has faith that you can destroy the afflicted creatures plaguing the valley, then I to too! After all, when has the Master ever been wrong? Never! As far as I know anyhow.
However, I beg of you to remain on your guard at all times. Many of my brethren have already perished within, and I would have for more lives to be lost to the horrible plague. Was there anything else you wanted to discuss?"
Yes We have a duty to the monastery. Let's Go! [sic]
"Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready before doing so. Do you wish to continue?"
Yes Yes. (sent to To Zen Daijun (cinematics))
No No.
No Maybe we should let someone else handle this.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Brother Hanjui
"My fellow brothers and I are grateful that you have brought help. Balthazar grant you courage and strength in these difficult times."