Brother Hanjui

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Brother Hanjui
Canthan adept.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Service Gatekeeper
Mission briefing
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Brother Hanjui provides the mission briefing for the Zen Daijun mission. In Haiju Lagoon he's the gatekeeper, and will inform players on what to do to gain entry.



Haiju Lagoon[edit]

Before Looking For Trouble
"Dwayna protect us in these troubled times. With everything that has been happening, I was told to be extra vigilant about granting students passage through here, Brother Pe Wan is in Seitung Harbor. Perhaps <Character Name> should speak with him and ask for permission. Oh, did you have more questions for me?"
During Looking For Trouble
"Professors Zho, Lo Sha, Panaku, and Talon Silverwing were sent to Jaya Bluffs to invetigate Sizhou Hall, an old monastery that might hold some information as to the source of the plague. They mentioned that they wanted <Character Name> to meet up with them. Was there more you wanted to discuss?
Before To the Rescue
"Zho is in Jaya Bluffs. <Character Name> should speak with her to find out where the other professors are headed. oh, did you have more questions for me?"
During To the Rescue
"This is horrible! I just saw a large group of the afflicted heading toward Linkei Township. <Character Name> should head over there and make sure everyone is okay! I would go there myself to help, but I cannot leave my post."
"Was there more you wanted to discuss?"
Before To Zen Daijun
"<Character Name> should speak with Professor Su in Linkei Township to make sure everyone is all right, and then lead them over here."
"Oh goodness...are you still here?"
During To Zen Daijun, before talking to Togo
"<Character Name> should check in with Master Togo over there. At least, that is what I would suggest. You have more questions for me?"
During To Zen Daijun, after talking to Togo
"Oh dear, dear me! must not travel into the valley! Perhaps you have not heard the news yet, but a horrible plague has infested the entire valley. Many of us who live there were forced to flee. It was awful, just awful! Dwayna protect us!"
Non-Factions characters or after To Zen Daijun
"Dwayna protect us...the valley has been overrun! Hurry!"

Zen Daijun[edit]

Mission briefing for Factions characters:

"The plague is spreading from the Sacred Valley here at Zen Daijun. Yijo Tahn scouted ahead to investigate further, but we have not seen him in quite some time. I have a feeling he will be overjoyed to see your face."
Refresh my memory for me. What has been happening on Shing Jea Island?
"You have travelled throughout Shing Jea Island warning allies of the plague that has taken Minister Cho's life. Master Togo believes the plague is originating somewhere from this island."
What is the situation here at Zen Daijun?
"Togo and the headmasters have tracked the source of the plague to Zen Daijun, and Yijo Tahn has scouted ahead to investigate further. Seek the aid of the valley's guardian, a kirin named Zunraa, at the temples throughout the valley. To summon Zunrra [sic], simply ring the bell at one of the shrines."
What else can you tell me?
"1. Plague creatures explode on death, injuring anyone nearby. Outfit yourself with the best armor you can afford.
2. Attack the Afflicted from afar with skills that cause Health degeneration, or by using ranged weapons.
3. Protection Prayers, party buffs, and healing spells can be put to good use.
4. Watch out for the purplish haze known as Miasma. Coming in contact with it causes you to lose health over a period of time. Avoid it when you can, but if you become infected simply move to an unaffected area and wait to heal.
5. The Zunraa from the Sacred Valley will help you with your cause. Summon Zunraa at a shrine by ringing the ceremonial bell."

Mission briefing for non-Factions characters:

"It was here in Zen Daijun Valley that Master Togo and the Headmasters of Shing Jea Monastery tracked what they believed to be the source of the affliction on Shing Jea Island. Yijo Tahn, the Monastery's prize student, tracked ahead to the Valley to attempt to discover the exact location of the plagues [sic] source to report back to Master Togo. If you choose to enter this mission, you will witness the party of teachers and students Master Togo has assembled as they attempt to find and destroy the source of the affliction."
Ask Replay the mission cinematic.
Unknown I'll be on my way.