Brother Pe Wan

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Brother Pe Wan
Canthan noble m purple.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Factions

Brother Pe Wan is involved in several quests for new characters to the Factions campaign.



Quests given:

Quests involved in:



To a monk (primary or secondary):

"Excellent! You have chosen the path of light. By now you have already met the most powerful Monk in all of Cantha: Headmaster Amara. I am not sure why she has not been named Master of the monastery, but I am sure that things will change around around here soon. Everyone knows that Monks are the most valuable asset to any team."

To a non-monk:

"Ah, another who has strayed from the light. Headmaster Amara said there would be plenty like you. It is sad that you will not have the honor of studying under her. She really should be master of the monastery, in my opinion."

Monastery Overlook:

"Now is not the time to talk. Please concentrate on your studies."

Saoshang Trail:

"I do not know why Master Togo requires me to perform such menial tasks. I am a Monk, not a guide."