Gadd's Encampment

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Gadd's Encampment
Gadd's Encampment.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Tarnished Coast
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Sparkfly Swamp
Shards of Orr
Shards of Orr Gate in Gadd's encampment.jpg
Asuran Gate to Shards of Orr
in Gadd's Encampment.

Gadd's Encampment is an outpost situated west of the Shiverpeaks on the eastern coastline of the Sea of Sorrows adjacent to Sparkfly Swamp.

This ramshackle and temporary collection of buildings is the base of the Asuran elementalist, Gadd, who has been investigating the nature of a nearby Bloodstone. Because Gadd cares little for comfort, rest, or visitors, the settlement is quite spartan and harsh, with little in the way of amenities, or even permanent structures.

— in-game description

Getting there[edit]

This is the first destination for the quest Finding Gadd. Starting from Vlox's Falls, travel south through Arbor Bay. Enter the Shards of Orr and use the Asura Gate to reach the encampment.

Alternatively you can start from Eye of the North or Central Transfer Chamber and travel through Depths of Tyria via Battledepths and Heart of the Shiverpeaks then you can enter Bogroot Growths and exit in Sparkfly Swamp, from there you just go south and you can enter the encampment.





(all level 20)

Other allies[edit]

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