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Affiliation Asura
Type Asura
Service Polymock opponent
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

Blarp is a Polymock opponent found in Gadd's Encampment. He's the third opponent of the Polymock quest chain.



Quests involved in:


Gadd's Encampment[edit]

If you have not registered 3 polymock pieces.

"You need to get your starting Polymock pieces from Hoff [Polymock Master], across the Sea of Sorrows, in Rata Sum before we can play."

Before being defeated:

"Are you ready to face me? The others here are like pawns compared to my kingly knowledge of Polymock and the elemental pieces. Prepare to be awed by a true master."
I wish to play you in a game of Polymock.
"You will be removed from your party and taken to a Polymock arena to battle Blarp. Do you wish to proceed?"
Accept: "Yes."
Decline: "No."

After being defeated:

"You proved you can outplay my elemental pieces playing for fun, but now we play for keeps. Are you strong enough for tournament rules? I won't go easy on you this time. You'll need 1 common piece, 1 uncommon piece, and 1 rare piece to play."
I wish to play you in a game of Polymock.
(if you don't meet the requirements)
"You don't have at least 1 common, 1 uncommon, and 1 rare Polymock piece unlocked yet. You cannot play any opponents using tournament rules at this time."


During a Polymock match:

"Bad choice. Of course our other options were no better."
"Here's a tip for next time. Don't waste your first piece so quickly"
"I am so going to calcitrate your derriere"
"Ouch. That must have hurt."
"Pathetic! Did you even prepare?"
"That's your second piece? Are you certain? This just gets easier by the moment."
"Would you like your next piece chilled or flame broiled"
"Your defeat will be elemental. Ha! I never tire of that joke."

When he loses a Polymock match:

"How could my elementals lose? Nobody knows their weaknesses. Who told you?"

When he wins a Polymock match:

"Keep up your "hard" work. Someday you might just learn the game."