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A collection of polymock pieces.

Polymock is a minigame in Guild Wars Eye of the North to earn reputation with the Asura. You play against the AI with three "pieces" that you select, each with a unique skill bar; the aim is to defeat your opponent by countering the "pieces" that it picks.

There are 27 different Polymock pieces (see list below), of which 18 are obtainable for players. Each time you pick one piece, you take the form of the corresponding creature. Polymock pieces resemble chess pieces when viewed in your inventory and appear to have a unique shape that is dependent upon the creature the piece is based upon. Each piece has its own set of skills, as shown by the table below. Polymock pieces must be registered before they can be used. See Denn in Rata Sum to register a piece.

Game mechanics[edit]

Before you can participate in Polymock matches, you must first obtain three starter pieces from Hoff in Rata Sum and then register them with Denn. Each registration removes the Polymock piece from your inventory and is permanently tied to your character (as opposed to your account). Do not register the piece if you plan on trading it to another character.


Once you have the three starter pieces, you can do the quest chain which starts from Polymock: Defeat Yulma. The objective of a Polymock match is to kill all three of your opponent's pieces before they kill yours.

After defeating the designated opponent (i.e. completed the quest and accepted the reward), you can return to those you have defeated and challenge them to a match under tournament rules. The one difference is that you are required to choose your Polymock pieces from all three rarities (white, purple, gold). If you did not register at least one Polymock piece for each rarity, you cannot challenge opponents using tournament rules. Winning such Polymock matches will earn you from 40 to 90 Asuran reputation points, depending on who you challenged.

Polymock takes place in several special explorable areas, depending on which region the opponent is found in:

Tournament Rules[edit]

After completing all polymock quests, you must play by tournament rules. The game is played with 3 pieces of different rarities polymock. To play, you must have 1 common piece, 1 uncommon piece and 1 rare piece.

You win 90 Asuran reputation points for defeating Fonk, Volumandus, Teardrinker, Silverfist or Hoff, 80 points for defeating Blarp, 60 points for Plurgg and 40 points for Yulma.

For maxing the Asuran title

1 Win 90 points. 1 match lasts 5 minutes.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8
Matches Won 12 45 89 178 289 445 623 889
Time (minutes) 60 225 445 890 1445 2225 3115 4445
Time (hours) 1 3.75 7.42 14.84 24.1 37.1 51.92 74.1

It will take approximately 74 hours to reach tier 8 of the Asuran title if Asuran reputation points are gained exclusively using Polymock matches. No points are awarded past tier 8 therefore it is impossible to max the Asuran title by Polymock exclusively.


Fire Imp, Kappa, Ice Elemental, and Gargoyle form.

Talk to Wokk to choose the three Polymock pieces that you want to use. After selecting your three pieces, you are then asked to select which of the three to start with. You are allowed to examine your skill bar before each round begins. Note that the platforms your piece and your opponent's piece are standing on are close to each other and that it is impossible to move out of range (although strafing to dodge projectiles is possible). Your character is replaced by the Polymock piece that you have chosen. Any enchantments or summons you have are removed. Your weapon and armor bonuses do not apply to Polymock skills.

When you use a white (common) Polymock piece, your maximum health is 3000 and your energy is 30. Purple (uncommon) pieces give a maximum health of 4000 and a maximum energy of 35. Gold (rare) pieces give you 5000 maximum health and 40 energy.

Skill use and effects during the match are similar to normal PvE, the only difference being conditions like Burning, Bleeding, and Disease always cause full -10 health degeneration.


When you are done reviewing your skills, you can tell Wokk to start the match. A 10-second countdown timer will begin, counting down to the start of the duel, at which point the opponent's Polymock piece turns hostile.

A round ends when one or both Polymock pieces loses all health. The loser is required to select another Polymock piece from the remaining two to start the next round. The winner retains its current level of health and energy, and all skills continue their recharge duration (i.e. the skills are not automatically recharged). Once the loser selects the next piece and starts the next round, the 10-second countdown will start again. If your opponent (i.e. the NPC) lost the previous round, the countdown timer starts almost immediately, since the winner is not prompted to start the next round.

This continues until one side's three Polymock pieces have all been defeated. Win or lose, you will be returned to the previous location.

Polymock Pieces and Unique Polymock Skills[edit]

Piece Unique skills Acquisition Rarity
Polymock Lightning Strike.jpg
Polymock Lightning Orb.jpg
Polymock Lightning Djinn's Haste.jpg
Obtained from Hoff in Rata Sum White
Polymock Overload.jpg
Polymock Glyph Destabilization.jpg
Polymock Mind Wreck.jpg
Obtained from Hoff in Rata Sum White
Polymock Deathly Chill.jpg
Polymock Rising Bile.jpg
Polymock Rotting Flesh.jpg
Obtained from Hoff in Rata Sum White
Fire Imp
Polymock Flare.jpg
Polymock Immolate.jpg
Polymock Meteor.jpg
Quest reward (1): Polymock: Defeat Yulma White
Polymock Ice Spear.jpg
Polymock Ice Shard Storm.jpg
Polymock Frozen Trident.jpg
Quest reward (2): Polymock: Defeat Plurgg Purple
Ice Imp
Polymock Ice Spear.jpg
Polymock Icy Prison.jpg
Polymock Mind Freeze.jpg
Quest reward (3): Polymock: Defeat Blarp White
Earth Elemental
Polymock Stone Daggers.jpg
Polymock Obsidian Flame.jpg
Polymock Earthquake.jpg
Quest reward (4): Polymock: Defeat Fonk Purple
Ice Elemental
Polymock Ice Spear.jpg
Polymock Frozen Armor.jpg
Polymock Glyph Freeze.jpg
Master Quest reward (5.1): Polymock: Defeat Necromancer Volumandus Purple
Fire Elemental
Polymock Flare.jpg
Polymock Fireball.jpg
Polymock Rodgort's Invocation.jpg
Master Quest reward (5.2): Polymock: Defeat Grulhammer Silverfist Purple
Aloe Seed / Aloe
Polymock Smite.jpg
Polymock Smite Hex.jpg
Polymock Bane Signet.jpg
Master Quest reward (5.3): Polymock: Defeat Dune Teardrinker Purple
Mirage Iboga / Iboga
Polymock Overload.jpg
Polymock Calculated Risk.jpg
Polymock Recurring Insecurity.jpg
Master Quest reward (6): Polymock: Defeat Master Hoff Gold
Polymock Smite.jpg
Polymock Signet of Revenge.jpg
Polymock Signet of Smiting.jpg
Dungeon Chest: Dragrimmar Chest, Destroyer Chest Gold
Mantis Dreamweaver / Mantis
Polymock Overload.jpg
Polymock Signet of Clumsiness.jpg
Polymock Migraine.jpg
Dungeon Chest: Arachni's Spoils, Eldritch Chest Gold
Mursaat Elementalist / Mursaat
Polymock Lightning Strike.jpg
Polymock Mind Shock.jpg
Polymock Shock Arrow.jpg
Dungeon Chest: Hierophant's Chest Gold
Naga Shaman / Naga
Polymock Lamentation.jpg
Polymock Spirit Rift.jpg
Polymock Painful Bond.jpg
Dungeon Chest: Havok's Chest , Mountain Heart Chest , Bogroot Chest Gold
Ruby Djinn / Djinn
Polymock Flare.jpg
Polymock Searing Flames.jpg
Polymock Glowing Gaze.jpg
Dungeon Chest: Murakai's Chest, Hidesplitter's Chest, Chest of Kathandrax Gold
Stone Rain / Statue
Polymock Stone Daggers.jpg
Polymock Eruption.jpg
Polymock Stoning.jpg
Dungeon Chest: Arachni's Spoils, Fendi's Chest, Prismatic Chest, Oola's Chest Gold
Wind Rider
Polymock Overload.jpg
Polymock Backfire.jpg
Polymock Guilt.jpg
Dungeon Chest: Chest of Burrows, Murakai's Chest Gold
Bone Dragon / Dragon
Polymock Deathly Chill.jpg
Polymock Rising Bile.jpg
Polymock Poisoned Ground.jpg
Unobtainable Gold
Charr Flamecaller
Polymock Flare.jpg
Polymock Fireball.jpg
Polymock Mind Blast.jpg
Unobtainable Purple
Charr Shaman
Polymock Smite.jpg
Polymock Piercing Light Spear.jpg
Polymock Signet of Smiting.jpg
Unobtainable Purple
Dolyak Rider / Dolyak
Polymock Smite.jpg
Polymock Banish.jpg
Polymock Bane Signet.jpg
Unobtainable Gold
Polymock Ice Spear.jpg
Polymock Icy Bonds.jpg
Polymock Mind Freeze.jpg
Unobtainable Purple
Dwarven Arcanist / Dwarf
Polymock Stone Daggers.jpg
Polymock Sandstorm.jpg
Polymock Earthquake.jpg
Unobtainable Purple
Skeletal Mage / Skeleton
Polymock Overload.jpg
Polymock Backfire.jpg
Polymock Diversion.jpg
Unobtainable Purple
Smoke Wraith / Wraith
Polymock Lightning Strike.jpg
Polymock Mind Shock.jpg
Polymock Lightning Blast.jpg
Unobtainable Purple
Polymock Flare.jpg
Polymock Rodgort's Invocation.jpg
Polymock Savannah Heat.jpg
Unobtainable Gold

The first skill is always a light, spammable damage skill. The second and third skills are more powerful, and each of them is unique among the obtainable pieces, although some obtainable pieces share one of them with one of the nine unobtainable NPC-only pieces.

General Polymock Skills[edit]

All Polymock pieces share the last 5 skills on their bars.

Polymock Power Drain.jpg
Polymock Power Drain
Polymock Block.jpg
Polymock Block
Polymock Glyph of Concentration.jpg
Polymock Glyph of Concentration
Polymock Ether Signet.jpg
Polymock Ether Signet
Polymock Glyph of Power.jpg
Polymock Glyph of Power

Guidelines and Fight Strategy[edit]

A good opening piece when you still need to use common pieces is the Skale because it does 150 damage with its spammable attack to enemies > 50% health and has two damage skills, both of which do a great deal of damage but take time to activate and thus benefit from facing a healthy opponent.

When the opponent begins a round with a new piece, they will always start off with Polymock Glyph of Concentration, followed by either their most damaging spell or sometimes the light damage spell. This can be taken advantage of by using your 2-second spells right from the start. Even if your opponent attempts Polymock Power Drain after the glyph, you will almost always get your spell off. Using the 2-second spell here risks taking their high damage spell without being able to get Polymock Block off in time, so using your 1-second spell then Blocking instead may be preferred. Be careful to wait at least 30 seconds for your opponent's skills to recharge before beginning with your new piece so they will have the Polymock Glyph of Concentration available, otherwise they'll start the round in an unpredictable manner.

Always watch your health and energy levels. When you're below 50% health, do not neglect the bonus damage offered by Polymock Glyph of Power. But do not activate it blindly, as the enemy will Polymock Power Drain your attempts to use the Glyph. Be aware of whether you have enough energy to pull it off, because the Glyph works very well with your spammable skill.

Do not forget to use Polymock Ether Signet the moment you reach zero energy. Trying to cast spells without energy wastes valuable time. If you or your opponent is weak, don't hesitate to waste a Polymock Power Drain or Polymock Block to use up your energy so that you can use the Ether Signet and hit them with a higher damage ability.

Try to use Polymock Power Drain and Polymock Block wisely. Try to save them for highly damaging spells and time their recharge. Polymock Glyph of Power is a good interrupt target as well. Be aware of what type of spells can be blocked and what type can be interrupted but not blocked.

Polymock Block can be used as an alternative to Polymock Glyph of Concentration if you use a 1 second spell right after it. Frequently the enemy won't react right away after having a spell blocked, giving plenty of time for your spell to complete. They will often be able to interrupt a 2 second spell after being blocked though, but if you can use the block while they're not casting then it will work for longer spells as well. If you have neither available, you can also slip a 1 second spell in right as the enemy is activating one of their spammable attacks to get it through uninterrupted.


The following opponents are listed in the order the quest chain introduces them:

General starting attack chain[edit]

  1. Begin the fight with your highest damage 1 second cast spell. This will hit your enemy while they are using their Polymock Glyph of Concentration. Optionally, if you cast your other high-priority spell right in the beginning, your opponent will not be able to interrupt it.
  2. Use Polymock Block to interrupt your enemy's high powered spell.
  3. Use Polymock Glyph of Concentration followed by your other high-priority spell.
  4. Be ready to interrupt their 2 second cast or other high damage spell which is almost always used soon after.

Advanced starting attack chain[edit]

  1. Use Polymock Block instantly and start casting your 2-second spell. Usually, when the enemy finishes Concentration and tries to interrupt you, the Block will still be in effect.
  2. Use Polymock Power Drain to interrupt their high-powered spell which they generally try to cast now, but whose Concentration effect was wasted on trying to interrupt you.
  3. Use Polymock Glyph of Concentration followed by your highest damage spell.

Universal followup strategy[edit]

  1. After opening with one of the above two starting attack chains, spam your primary low-damage spell continuously. It breaks the opponent's Block rapidly, and it delivers continual damage while you wait for skills to recycle, targets to interrupt, or while you think of tactics or are moving your mouse with the other hand. It is a very important default action requiring no thought.
  2. While spamming and attacking with other spells, use the fast Polymock Block and Polymock Power Drain between them.
  3. Cast Polymock Block whenever it is ready for use. Because of its fast cycle time (12s), don't delay using it, except when a high-damage spell will be ready for casting soon and Polymock Glyph of Concentration is not yet available.
  4. Cast Polymock Power Drain tactically, don't waste it. Hover your mouse over the skill while you wait for something good to interrupt, meanwhile spamming away with your primary low-damage spell and casting Polymock Block periodically.
  5. Always use Polymock Glyph of Concentration before casting your high-damage spell to reduce the chance of it being wasted.
  6. When your energy is at 5 or below, focus almost exclusively on getting it to zero fast so that Polymock Ether Signet can be used. If you're down to energy 6 but your 6-energy high-damage spell is not yet available, forget it, focus on losing all your energy. Your main spam skill (cost 1e), Polymock Glyph of Power (1e) and Polymock Block (2e) are best for shedding your energy. Polymock Power Drain (3e) could be used, but it is such an important skill that it is best left for its primary role of interrupting tactically.
  7. Throughout all of the above, always use Polymock Glyph of Power if you are under 50% health. By adding 200 damage, it makes your primary low-damage spell a real powerhouse, and should be used at every opportunity.
  8. Using the above strategy, all the main quest opponents can be defeated very easily and almost automatically.


  • You can map travel out to abandon a match. This makes it faster to restart a match if it goes badly or if you've made a mistake selecting your pieces. Using /resign will let you teleport to the outpost without having to locate it on the world map.
  • Survivors beware that losing all three battles will on rare occasion count as a death.
    • When you are outside of your Polymock piece, you will be subject to all active Polymock effects. For example, if the match has ended and a projectile is already mid flight, it will still deal damage to you once it hits. Another example is an area damage over time skill such as Polymock Savannah Heat. Because of the high amounts of Polymock skill damage (most Polymock skills deal over 500 damage), you will die but you will be resurrected instantly without any animation. You might not notice your death mid-match, even if you actually defeat your opponent in the Polymock battle.
  • After defeating an opponent Polymock piece, there's a short time window that allows you to activate another skill with an activation time of 1 second or less, such as Polymock Glyph of Power.
  • To make future runs easier, avoid registering the Ice Elemental, Aloe Seed, and Mirage Iboga pieces as you get them, and just complete the quest sequence with the Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, and Kappa. Then pass the three unregistered pieces off to new characters that need to go through, and return them after completion. Note that this will prevent you from participating in Tournament Mode until you register a Rare piece.


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