The Leadfoot Race

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Location in Verdant Cascades and race routes

The Leadfoot Race is a repeatable race between the player and the Norn NPC Ulfarr Leadfoot.

Game mechanics[edit]

  • Talk to Ulfarr Leadfoot and accept the challenge to begin. Ulfarr won't start the race unless the whole party is near him.
  • You must cross the finish line before Leadfoot.
  • The race will lead past neutral Snow Wurms which become hostile and use Crippling Shot.
  • Ulfarr will choose an alternate route if he is losing. In doing so, he can beat you by switching the finish point after you have commited to the wrong finish point.



  • Ulfarr is fast. To outrun him, you must use a skill that boosts your speed by at least 25%. Birthday Cupcakes are a viable alternative to equipping a speed boost skill.
  • The Snow Wurm Crippling Shot lasts for 1 second. If you are wearing an item that reduces cripple duration on you by 20%, the cripple duration will be rounded down to 0. Alternatively, use the Norn skill "I Am Unstoppable!" to avoid being crippled by the Wurms.
  • Because Ulfarr switches the finishing point, waiting at the Moas until the next yellow circle is advised to beat him.
  • You can also use Shadow of Haste to shadow step. First, go to the finish, then cast Shadow of Haste and run back to Ulfarr. When Shadow of Haste almost ends, talk to Ulfarr.

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