The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods (PvP)

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Disambig icon.png This is a mission entry. For information on the explorable area, see The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods. For information on the outpost, see The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods (outpost).
The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods
Anvil Rock map clean.jpg
Region Northern Shiverpeaks
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 4
Allowed levels Any
Priest/Obelisk Resurrection Shrine
Effect Godly Yuletide

Game mechanics[edit]

This is the area where the battles between two teams of 4 players take place; it uses an altered version of Anvil Rock. During this quest you will be under the effect of Godly Yuletide, and dead players are resurrected at a shrine every 30 seconds. The mission's objective is to kill the opposing team's beacons, and protect yours. When you kill a Champion or a General you will receive a Morale Boost. You can teleport between your beacons, but you will suffer from the Portal Sickness effect. At the 16th minute mark everyone receives the Haste of the Gods effect and at 6th minute mark Fury of the Gods comes into effect. If no team manages to destroy both enemy beacons after 30 minutes, the team with the most points wins; you get 1 point for each enemy champion and 5 points for each beacon killed.


Main article: Godly Yuletide
Advanced Snowball.jpg
Advanced Snowball
Super-mega Snowball.jpg
Super-mega Snowball
Snow Flurry.jpg
Snow Flurry
Hidden Rock.jpg
Hidden Rock
Yellow Snow.jpg
Yellow Snow
Primary profession dependent skill
Ice Fort.jpg
Ice Fort
Mmm. Slushy!.jpg
Mmm. Slushy!


Each team member receives:


See The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods#NPCs


  • You can earn a maximum of 1,260 Balthazar faction from this mission.
  • Deaths here do not count against progress in the Survivor title track.
Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike standard PvP matches, you cannot report other players for leeching during the fight.


  • This was introduced in Wintersday 2011 to replace its 2010 counterpart, Operation: Crush Spirits.
  • During Wintersday 2011, this battle and its outpost had "(PvP)" in the ingame description, which was removed beginning in 2012.
  • This fight bears similarities to Defense of the Ancients, a popular player-made Warcraft III map.
  • The Great Snwoball Fight of the Gods is the only place in the game which has god statues with Wintersday decorations.

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