Kilroy Stonekin

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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC. For the quest, see Kilroy Stonekin (quest).

Kilroy Stonekin
Kilroy Stonekin.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Dwarf
Professions Warrior Warrior
Monk Monk
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North

When foreigners think of Dwarves, most picture a stereotypical image of a drunken brawler, rushing headlong into battle, screaming a strange battle cry and fighting to the death over age-old grudges, uncollected debts, or ancestral vendettas. Kilroy Stonekin is that Dwarf. A veteran of glorious battles against the Stone Summit and campaigns deep within Sorrow's Furnace, Kilroy has traveled north looking for new adventures and new battles.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript



Quests given:

Quests involved in:


Prophecies and explorable areas in Eye of the North[edit]

Eye of the North, in the Norn Fighting Tournament[edit]

Eye of the North, in Fronis Irontoe's Lair[edit]


Eye of the North[edit]

Gunnar's Hold:

"You will be removed from your party to fight alone. Are you ready to rumble?"
Yes Accept: "It's go time!"
No Decline: "I am not worthy."
(Accepting takes you to Kilroy's Punchout Training.)

Far Shiverpeaks explorable areas (random appearance for rampage):

"Get all your friends over here. I've got an offer you can't refuse!" (if party is spread out)
"I've seen a lot of stuff around here that needs slayin'. What'ya say we crush some skulls?"
Ask You're insane, Kilroy. I love it.
"Kiiiiillroooooy Stoooonekiiiiin!"
Protect Kilroy while he rampages to earn a reward! (objective that appears in a popup window, but not in the quest log)
"That was fun, eh? I'll keep me eye out for you if I ever need a comrade in skull-crushin' again." (after rampage)
No You're insane, Kilroy. I'm not going anywhere with you.

Fronis Irontoe's Lair:

"The Stone Summit are nothin' but a bunch of filthy cowards. And many of them still owe me money!
You ready to break some skulls?"


"I still have debts to collect and shields to pound! I could use someone to watch my back, though. Come talk to me when you are set up for some no-holds-barred action! HOOOOO-RAH!"


Battle quotes[edit]

The Norn Fighting Tournament
Kilroy's Concussion of Thunderous Rage!


  • He appears in the Norn Fighting Tournament as Kilroy (without a last name).
  • He appears randomly in certain Far Shiverpeaks explorable areas, where he will offer a repeatable minigame to rampage against the local Stone Summit.
    • If you successfully dispatch these foes and keep Kilroy alive, you will receive 30 Dwarf reputation points and a Dwarven Ale; there is no reward if Kilroy dies.
    • After accepting the minigame, several groups of Stone Summit will spawn in the surrounding area. Kilroy will charge ahead, typically aggroing many or all of the mobs.


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