Rings of Fortune

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Rings of Fortune

Rings of Fortune is a festival game found on the Shing Jea Boardwalk and available during special festivals. The games costs two Festival Tickets per round to play. Rings of Fortune is played on a four by four grid of rings. A winning ring is picked randomly, awarding any who were standing there twelve tickets. Anyone that is stationed in a ring on the same row or column as the winning ring will receive three tickets. After twenty rounds, the game pauses for new players and for anyone who needs to purchase more tickets.

Playing the Rings of Fortune game progresses both the Lucky title (measured in number of tickets won) and the Unlucky title (measured in number of games lost).


  • Each ring rewards on average 30 tickets for every 32 tickets spent, resulting in a net loss of 2 tickets per 30 tickets towards the lucky title.
  • All the rings have the exact same probability of winning or losing tickets.
  • The probability of losing is 9 in 16 rounds, of winning: 7 in 16 rounds.
  • 20 rounds occur every 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Title Landmarks[edit]

The following table outlines the different landmarks for the Lucky title playing the Rings of Fortune game. The statistics presented apply regardless of which ring the player stands on.

Lucky Rank # Tickets Won # Tickets Consumed1 # Rounds Played2 Gold Spent3 Time Passed on Pads4 # Unlucky Points Unlucky Rank
1 50,000 3,333 26,667 50,000 72.2 hours 15000 >2
2 100,000 6,667 53,333 100,000 144.4 hours 29999 >3
3 250,000 16,667 133,333 250,000 361.1 hours 74999 >4
4 500,000 33,333 266,667 500,000 722.2 hours 150000 >5
5 1,000,000 66,667 533,333 1,000,000 1444.4 hours 299999 >6
5 1,666,667 111,111 888,889 1,666,667 2407.4 hours 500000 7 (max)
6 (max) 2,500,000 166,667 1,333,333 2,500,000 3611.1 hours 749999 >7 (max)

1On average, 1 ticket is consumed for every 15 tickets won.
2On average, 1.875 tickets are won per round.
3The current price of a ticket is 15 gold.
4888889 rounds have to be played to obtain rank 7 in the unlucky title track
5369.23 rounds are played per hour of which you lose 208 rounds and win 161 (~692 tickets towards Lucky).


  • This mini game is slightly slower than Nine Rings for maxing the Unlucky title, and five times slower for maxing the Lucky title.
  • This game is also slightly more costly for maxing the Lucky title, but is the cheapest way of maxing the Unlucky title. Nine Rings is almost four times more costly.
  • If the Extra Luck Bonus is active, the received title points are doubled (but not the cards won).

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