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Minigames are either competitive or cooperative "mini missions" located within hidden outposts, or battles that have no bearing on the plot nor do they advance the story line of the Guild Wars campaigns. Some are added to the game for special events such as anniversaries, and some correspond to real world holidays such as Wintersday for the winter holidays, Dragon Festival for the Lunar New Year and Halloween. Rewards offered for competing in these games range from items, such as masks, "custom- skinned" weapons, holiday treats, novelties, gamer points, and Balthazar Faction.

Halloween: Costume Brawl
Wintersday: Dwayna Vs GrenthSnowball DominanceFighting in a Winter WonderlandThe Great Snowball Fight of the Gods
Shing Jea Boardwalk: Dragon ArenaNine RingsRings of FortuneDragon NestRollerbeetle Racing
Canthan New Year: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Pre-Searing: The bear huntersThe Prize Winning Hogs
Eye of the North: Dwarven brawlingKilroy StonekinPolymockThe Leadfoot RaceThe Norn Fighting Tournament