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Dwarven brawling is a type of minigame that requires the use of Brass Knuckles and a unique skillbar to complete various mini-missions.

Game mechanics[edit]


Your skill bar is replaced with specialized brawling skills, each of which requires adrenaline and equipping the Brass Knuckles or the superior Thunderfist's pair.

Knock out

Whenever your health drops to zero, your energy drops to zero and you have 10 seconds to rebuild it by using the STAND UP! skill. If you fail, then you die; if you succeed, your health will also be restored (and your maximum energy will be increased by 5 to maximum of 145). Since Standing Up is the only way to restore energy, each time you fall down, it becomes increasingly harder to recover.

  • Maximum energy is initially 15, but increases by 5 every time you recover from a knock out.
  • Equipment properties, attributes and consumables will not alter maximum health, maximum and current energy and energy regeneration; they will otherwise work as expected.
  • In Normal mode, maximum health is 500, and health gain per enemy defeated is 200. In Hard mode, maximum health is 600, and health gain per enemy defeated is 300.
  • You'll take 0 damage from any attack that is not an attack skill.


Main article: Brawling
Brawling Block.jpg
Brawling Block
Brawling Jab.jpg
Brawling Jab
Brawling Straight Right.jpg
Brawling Straight Right
Brawling Hook.jpg
Brawling Hook
Brawling Uppercut.jpg
Brawling Uppercut

These skills are included for the quests given by Kilroy:

6. Brawling Headbutt (Brawling skill) Brawling Headbutt (Brawling skill): 30 damage. causes a 3-second knock down. (Not available during Punch the Clown.)
7. Brawling Combo Punch Brawling Combo Punch: You attack twice, dealing 50 damage each time. (Not available in Fronis' Lair in normal mode.)
Additionally, when fighting alongside Kilroy, he'll use:
  • "Kilroy Stonekin" "Kilroy Stonekin": Initial effect: removes all hexes from allies in the area. Your skills recharge 50% faster, your spells cost 50% less Energy, and you move 50% faster.

These skills are included when fighting alongside Falken:

6. Falken's Fire Fist Falken's Fire Fist: Deals +100 damage to target foe, knocks them down, and sets them on fire (5 seconds).
7. Brawling Combo Punch Brawling Combo Punch: You attack twice, dealing 50 damage each time.
Additionally, you'll receive the effect:

Recommended equipment[edit]


Since health, skill bars, and energy are fixed, choose insignias that decrease physical damage, either directly or by increasing armor rating. Similarly, runes are generally useless except as noted below. Generally speaking, the quest is easier for martial professions (with maximum armor rating of 70+) than for spellcasters (maximum armor rating of 60).


Use Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles (the reward from The Throwdown in a Norn Town).


Several consumables are helpful during the quest:

Experience scrolls
  • These reduce the number of times survivors need to complete the quest.
  • Foes will usually die fast enough to renew the bonus for scrolls of Rampager's or Berserker's Insight
Other consumables

Additional tips[edit]

  • After being knocked out, you have ten seconds in which to attempt to fully recharge your energy by using STAND UP!; if you do not, you will pass out (which counts as a Death). The skill has no recharge or activation time; it can be used as fast as the button can be pressed. To speed recovery, use the mouse and the keyboard (and/or assign multiple keys to that skill slot) and mash them.
  • Each time you are knocked out, the amount of energy needed to be regained to regain consciousness increases by 5.
  • Since the blocking stance recharges fairly quickly, you can use it often. However, if you can master the timing, you can save the block and try to use it when you see your opponent activating a particularly dangerous attack skill.
  • The Brawling Straight Right and Brawling Headbutt are useful interrupts. Depending on whom you are brawling, you may want to save them to interrupt healing skills.
  • If up against an opponent that also has Brawling Block, throw a Brawling Jab before your heavy adrenal skills.
  • Running can be a useful tactic to regain health. As long as you can use Brawling Block before hits land, your natural out-of-combat health regeneration will not be interrupted and can be used to completely recover.
  • Certain professions are more suited to brawling:

List of quests requiring Dwarven brawling[edit]

Halloween: Costume Brawl
Wintersday: Dwayna Vs GrenthSnowball DominanceFighting in a Winter WonderlandThe Great Snowball Fight of the Gods
Shing Jea Boardwalk: Dragon ArenaNine RingsRings of FortuneDragon NestRollerbeetle Racing
Canthan New Year: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Pre-Searing: The bear huntersThe Prize Winning Hogs
Eye of the North: Dwarven brawlingKilroy StonekinPolymockThe Leadfoot RaceThe Norn Fighting Tournament
Beyond: Courier Falken