Cantha Courier Crisis

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Cantha Courier Crisis (Hard mode).
Cantha Courier Crisis
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Lei Jeng
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Cleansing Bukdek Byway
Followed by Cantha Courier Crisis (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
(Solo Quest)
Canthan Courier Crisis map.png
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Assist Courier Falken in his quest to obliterate every thug and gang member within Bukdek Byway.

Quest information[edit]




In Kaineng Docks, you need to equip a pair of Brass Knuckles or Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles in order to begin. If you have not completed any of the other brawling quests, Falken will give you a pair. Talk to him again so that he transports you to the quest area.

After you arrive in Bukdek Byway, talk to the courier again to start the quest. As is implied from the dialogue, Falken has no idea where to go and will lead you on one of the longest possible routes to Kaineng Center. Most foes will either pop-up or start off as friendly (green dots), which forces you to wait for the required dialogues to trigger before moving between groups.

If you do not like brawling, an easy way to complete the quest in normal mode is to follow him and let him kill all the foes. If he dies, he will self-resurrect, allowing you to avoid fighting altogether. However, this takes much longer (about 2-3x longer, i.e. around 50 minutes or more) and you will not receive any drops or experience from the foes unless they are within your aggro bubble.

The quickest (and most profitable) method is to take the lead and stay slightly ahead of him, attacking red dots as they appear and getting close to green dots before they turn red. Several of your opponents use ranged attacks: either take them out first or move out of their line-of-sight (e.g. around a corner) while you tackle their melee-range allies. As with any brawling quest, if you get knocked out, click on the icon for STAND UP! and press the keypad shortcut (default: 8) simultaneously — this practically guarantees that you will recover in time.

The toughest fight is in the central square, where you might face several groups at once, especially if you have trouble defeating the first few before the next mobs pop up. Worse, unlike the rest of the zone, there are few obstacles to block ranged attacks. You can just keep standing up and trying again, but if that proves unreliable, start to move backtrack your original path. This takes you away from the spawn points and brings you closer to natural barriers. Falken will continue to self-rez and will eventually whittle down your opponent to a manageable number.

The final fight is just outside of town. The pre-fight dialogue is long enough that you will lose any built-up adrenaline. Falken will target Li Ho Yan; you can either gang-up on him or focus on Tai Soon; either way, you can probably just mash keys to successfully defeat the pair.


This is a valuable place to farm experience or cash:

  • Since the quest is not repeatable, it must be abandoned and retaken. Alternatively, map to the Marketplace before the quest updates.
  • Assuming you identify and sell all drops, players can expect to earn 1–3Platinum per run.
  • If the inventory fills up, there is a Merchant (Peasant Shopkeeper) about 2/3 of the way through (near the last big fight). Players can return here before rezoning, to sell a few items and pick up anything left behind.
  • With practice, players can gain ~135,000 experience points per hour using experience scrolls.
    • Players can use this as a less-risky method of gaining experience towards the Survivor title, as they have 10 seconds after being knocked out to STAND UP!. (The death counter will not increase unless the timer runs out before standing up successfully.)
    • If Falken does more damage to an enemy when it dies, the player will gain the experience but any experience scroll effects will not be renewed.
    • The drops are significantly better in hard mode, although some players find it easier to kill foes quickly in normal mode.
  • It can be difficult to maintain the experience-multiplier for experience scrolls that require killing a foe every 30 seconds, since there are three places where there are built-in delays. However, it is possible to use a single 5-minute scroll no matter how long it takes you to complete the mission.
    • Players can maintain both adrenaline and any experience bonus if they drag out the last fight before the end-bosses: Rush the last three foes and Falken will move forward (after pausing briefly), triggering the final dialogue. Players need to keep the fight going for about 45 seconds before the bosses become hostile. However, it's easier to just use an extra scroll for the final battle: the cost is relatively low compared to the average drops and the lost adrenaline is not a deciding factor in the final fight.

Skills and equipment[edit]

Main article: Dwarven Brawling
Brawling Block.jpg
Brawling Block
Brawling Jab.jpg
Brawling Jab
Brawling Straight Right.jpg
Brawling Straight Right
Brawling Hook.jpg
Brawling Hook
Brawling Uppercut.jpg
Brawling Uppercut
Falken's Fire Fist.jpg
Falken's Fire Fist
Hard mode only

Additionally, players will receive the effect:

In the Hard mode version of this quest players will be given the skill for slot 7:

Pay particular attention to the choice of equipment.



Humans (Shining Blade)



Humans (Am Fah)

Humans (Jade Brotherhood)


Humans (Am Fah)

Humans (Jade Brotherhood)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Lei Jeng
"I've gotten word that Queen Salma of Kryta has sent a messenger with an important letter for Emperor Kisu. Unfortunately, we're a bit undermanned right now. Do you think you could head down to the Kaineng docks and escort him over here?"
Yes Accept: "Neither rain nor sleet nor a horde of Afflicted will prevent me from bringing him back."
No Decline: "Wait, you need a delivery boy to deliver the delivery boy?"
Ask Ask: "Head to the docks and meet the messenger from Kryta. The docks are next to The Marketplace."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Talking to Courier Falken
Courier Falken
"You're here to escort me? perfect! I was thinking a partner would be helpful. I've heard this town is crawling with all sorts of gangs and unspeakable horrors, so having someone to watch my back would be a great boon. Once you've got your brass knuckles equiped, let me know and we'll get going."
When not wearing your knuckles and talking to Courier Falken again
Courier Falken
"You'd better equip some brass knuckles before we start. You'll hurt your fists otherwise."
Talking to Courier Falken after greeting him, whilst wearing knuckles
Courier Falken
"Are you ready to show me your moves?"
Yes Accept: "It's go time!"
No Decline: "I am not worthy."
After being teleported to Bukdek Byway
Courier Falken: "Oh right, before we start I should teach you this move. Come over here and talk to me."
After having learned Falken's Fire Fist
Courier Falken: "It might be tricky for a beginner like you, but the key is remembering to shout YOUR name not mine.
Courier Falken: "Alright, let's get this letter delivered Falken quick!"
After having advanced slightly
<Party leader>: "Okay, if we just head due north, we can reach Kaineng Center without too much..."
Courier Falken: "Not to worry! I consulted a map before I got here; I know where to go. After all, how hard could this city be to navigate anyway?"
Just before reaching the first bridge
Courier Falken: "This city is very...tall. But I heard it was more dangerous than this."
<Party leader>: "Well, the Jade Brotherhood and Am Fah are pretty notorious around these parts for stirring up trouble"
Courier Falken: "Roaming gangs, eh?"
After the bridge and during some fights with Am Fah
Courier Falken: "Look! A band of ruffians aching for a fight. Let's give them some broken teeth to remember us by!"
Am Fah Hooligan: "What have we here? A little lost foreigner on our turf? Let's give him an Am Fah welcome beating!"
<Party leader>: "What kind of courier punches out the people who stop him from delivering mail?"
Courier Falken: "The best kind of course!"
After reaching the first Jade Brotherhood members
Jade Brotherhood Fighter: "This is Jade Brotherhood territory, Krytan! Maybe if you give us all your coin, we'll let you go."
Courier Falken: "If you hooligans are looking for small shiny objects, how about I show you my brass knuckles?"
After advancing
<Party leader>: "Uh, I don't think we are going the right way."
Courier Falken: "Nonsense! I have a perfectly good sense of direction. It's that way, I'm sure. Follow me!"
<Party leader>: "Is this letter really so important that we have to punch out every armed gang member in Kaineng?"
Courier Falken: "There's no such thing as an unimportant letter. Every letter is as important as the feelings behind it!"
<Party leader>: "Okay, but the punching?"
Courier Falken: "Are there situations where punching isn't necessary?"
After the fight at the Peasant Shopkeeper
Peasant Shopkeeper: "Ah! My shop! What have you done? You foreigners are nothing but trouble!"
Courier Falken: "Such animosity in this town! There seems to be a lot of trouble here in Cantha."
<Party leader>: "I'm pretty sure most of this is your fault."
After advancing even more
Courier Falken: "We're almost there! I can feel the letter telling me this is the right way!"
<Party leader>: "You didn't really read the map, did you?"
At Li Ho Yan and Tai Soon
Li Ho Yan: "There he is! They're the ones that have been attacking our men! Your life was forfeit the moment you tangled with the Am Fah!"
Tai Soon: "The Jade Brotherhood have a score to settle with them as well! We'll kill you dirty Am Fah later; this foreign fool dies first."
Courier Falken: "At last, the leaders arrive. I hope you're ready for this fight."
<Party leader>: "You say this as if you were expecting it."
Courier Falken: "My deliveries are always like this. Isn't that pretty normal?"
Li Ho Yan: "Stop ignoring us, Krytan! We'll string you up across the byway for this offense!"
After defeating them
Courier Falken: "YES! Another succesful delivery! It was great fighting alongside you, friend. You have the true heart of a courier! I'm going to head to the palace now. Why don't you go tell the guy that sent you that I made it here safely?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Lei Jeng
"This is a disaster! I can't believe a courier would punch out half the gangs in Kaineng on his way to deliver a simple message! I've already got complaints coming in from people about the disturbance it caused, and I'm sure neither the Am Fah nor the Jade Brotherhood are going to take this lying down. Sometimes I wonder if maintaining foreign relations is worth the trouble.
I suppose it's not your fault though. Here's something for your trouble."


  • Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles can be used, instead of regular Brass Knuckles.
  • Although Falken is affected by standard attacks, players are only subject to damage from skills.
  • Unlike the player, Falken does not gain health after a foe dies. To keep him alive, lead the way.
  • As with other solo quests, summoning stones cannot be used. However, sweets that increase speed or reduce skill activation times can be (e.g. Red Rock Candy or Birthday Cupcakes).
  • If a player dies shortly before finishing the quest and Falken manages to kill Li Ho Yan and Tai Soon by himself, the quest will still update and count as completed.
Bug Bug.Beyond the square where you encounter Jade Brotherhood mobs appearing in waves, there's a chance that if you trigger hidden mobs when Falken is knocked out, he may stand there and no longer move. If this happens, you are forced to restart the quest.