Cleansing Bukdek Byway

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Cleansing Bukdek Byway (Hard mode).

Cleansing Bukdek Byway
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Initiate Zei Ri
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Imperial Sanctum
Followed by Cleansing Shadow's Passage
Cleansing Bukdek Byway (Hard mode)
Light My Fire
Cantha Courier Crisis
Type Secondary quest
Cleansing Bukdek Byway map.jpg
Quest Map

Cleanse Bukdek Byway of the Afflicted.

Quest information[edit]



Environmental changes[edit]

  • Completing this quest changes the foes that appear in Bukdek Byway, specifically, Afflicted will no longer spawn.


Start from Kaineng Center and follow the quest markers through Bukdek Byway, and destroy three groups of Afflicted. Non-Dervishes should avoid bringing enchantments, or be prepared to deal with an over-abundance of enchantment removal skills.



Humans (Ministry of Purity)




Initial dialogue[edit]

Initiate Zei Ri
"Are you by any chance...? No, it is you! This is well and truly an honor. I did not think I would get to meet one of the heroes responsible for Shiro Tagachi's defeat. Cantha owes you a debt of gratitude for what you have done.
"Since the fall of the Betrayer, Cantha has continued the fight to protect itself. The Ministry of Purity was formed to empower the people, that we might stand together as a stronger whole, to keep our homes and loved ones safe. Countless lives were lost to the Afflicted Plague, and that is a horror that we must never allow to happen again.
"The Ministry of Purity has fought tirelessly against the Afflicted, and the end seems to be in sight, at last. I wonder... If this would not be too forward of me to ask, would you lend Cantha your aid once more? Afflicted have been found in Bukdek Byway. I go there to face them, and I would be privileged to have you stand at my side."
Yes Accept: "Very well. It's time to see this through."
No Decline: "I've dealt with Shiro. The Afflicted are your problem now."
Ask Ask: "When you are ready to eliminate the Afflicted, I will meet you at Bukdek Byway."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Initiate Zei Ri: "It doesn't matter how many times I see these creatures, I'm never able to forget that they were once human."
Initiate Zei Ri: "Imagine how terrifying it must have been for them. Slowly losing themselves to something so twisted. No one should have to leave this world in that way."
Initiate Zei Ri: "Some part of me looks at the Afflicted and wonders: Who were they before? What must their lives have been like?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Initiate Zei Ri
"It is a great thing that we have accomplished this day. We have laid to rest those souls unfairly claimed by the Affliction, and we have made Kaineng a safer place for those who remain. I hope that you will continue to assist us in our endeavor. Please take this as compensation, along with my graditude."