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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Winds of Change.

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The Ministry of Purity is one of the many ministries of the Canthan empire. They have tasked themselves with cleansing the Afflicted since 1077 AE. It was founded by Minister Reiko Murakami after the return of Shiro Tagachi and the initial plague he caused.

Unlike the rest of the Celestial Ministry, the Ministry of Purity focuses on accomplishing things rather than paperwork. This in turn has raised their reputation among the people of Kaineng City. In the future of the Guild Wars universe, the Ministry of Purity will support Emperor Usoku in his efforts to isolate Cantha.[1]


Officers Initiates

Mesmer 32 (34) Reiko (Minister)
Unknown Xun Rao (Ecclesiate)


AssassinDervish 20 Oroku
Unknown 28 Ashu
Unknown 28 Herald of Purity

WarriorAssassin 28 Initiate Jaw Long
Warrior 28 Initiate Shen Su
RangerRitualist 28 Initiate Shuji
MonkDervish 28 Initiate Kan Wu
MonkDervish 28 Initiate Tsuriai
Monk 28 Xan Hei
ElementalistAssassin 28 Initiate Shunyuang
RitualistMonk 28 Initiate Zei Ri

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Concept art by Hyojin Ahn.
Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Beyond
Kaineng City

Warrior 24 (26) Ministry Enforcer
Ranger 24 (26) Ministry Ranger
Monk 24 (26) Ministry Cleric
Necromancer 24 (26) Ministry Purger
Mesmer 24 (26) Ministry Illusionist
Elementalist 24 (26) Ministry Mage
Assassin 24 (26) Ministry Bladesman
Ritualist 24 (26) Ministry Medium
Paragon 24 (26) Ministry Captain
Dervish 24 (26) Ministry Zealot

Ministerial Commendation

Kaineng City

Warrior 26 (28) Elite Ministry Enforcer
Ranger 26 (28) Elite Ministry Ranger
Monk 26 (28) Elite Ministry Cleric
Necromancer 26 (28) Elite Ministry Purger
Mesmer 26 (28) Elite Ministry Illusionist
Elementalist 26 (28) Elite Ministry Mage
Assassin 26 (28) Elite Ministry Bladesman
Ritualist 26 (28) Elite Ministry Medium
Paragon 26 (28) Elite Ministry Captain
Dervish 26 (28) Elite Ministry Zealot

Unique items


Battle quotes[edit]

"In the name of the Ministry of Purity, I sentence you to death!"
"You shall be purified by death!"
"You'll never see one of the Imperial Guard fight this well!"
"My blade shall cleanse the world of your filth!"
"The people of Cantha embrace us, for they know ours is the side of righteousness."
"Do not resist your fate, vermin!"
"The Canthan people have spoken; we are the future. Surrender now!"
"I shall purge you from this realm!"
"I am empowered by the people of Cantha to strike you down!"
"Lay your weapons down and pray the Ministry of Purity spares your lives!"


  • Winds of Change centers around the Ministry of Purity, beginning with their effort to eliminate the Afflicted.
  • The Ministry of Purity has a costume.
  • The stated ideology of the Ministry advocates security over freedom and Canthans over foreigners.


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