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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Winds of Change.

Affiliation Ministry of Purity
Type Human (boss)
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 28, 32 (34)
Campaign Winds of Change
Reiko concept art.jpg
Concept art by Hyojin Ahn.


Being able to think in them, being able to speak them—these are the signs that prove strength of conviction. A lesser person doubts the absolute because they doubt themselves. They cannot commit themselves fully for fear that they might be wrong. I have no such fears. I have looked into the heart of this nation, and I have seen the evils that plague it. I have not turned a blind eye. Where others have been cowed, I have stood and faced them. I will not falter, for failing here—now—means that Cantha itself fails.

We as a people have begun to come together. We rid our land of the scourge of the Afflicted, and it was a great work that was done. It was proof that your own hands could reach out and shape the destiny that you sought. Every battle won, every life lost, every accomplishment, every tear shed, every heartfelt cry of joy in victory inched us ever closer to a brighter tomorrow, a life lived free from the shadows of corruption. This nation is becoming yours once more, and it is to you that I look now.

Our greatest battle is yet to come. The gangs yet pose a threat to Cantha, as do the people that would harbor them. What empire allows such filth to prosper? Are these the actions of a government that has the best interests of its people at heart? Or are these the actions of a government too weak and ineffectual to do what it is right? You have toiled on their behalf, and they have benefited from your labor—so now I ask you, what has the empire done for you? Now, stop and ask, what have you done for yourself?

The time is at hand. Change is ours to bring to these lands. Fight at the side of the Ministry of Purity, and fight on the side of justice. Do not be swayed by the words of weaker men. If a good man follows an evil leader, can you truly call him good? I say that he is just as guilty, for lacking the strength to stand up and do what is right. By his weakness, evil persists. This is why the gangs must be removed; this is why those that shelter them must be removed, at any cost. While they remain, Cantha will never be whole. This is an absolute, and there can be only one question: whose side are you on?


Minister Reiko Murakami is the head of the Ministry of Purity and an aunt to Ashu and Miku Yuudachi. Formerly a member of the Ministry of Flame, in 1073 AE, she began to rally the people of Cantha against Shiro's plague. Within a year, she began rising in ranks within the Ministry, but in 1076 AE, she became dissatisfied with the Ministry's bureaucracy and established the Ministry of Purity a year later.



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Starting version[edit]


Hex Eater Vortex[edit]


Keystone Signet[edit]

Power Block[edit]

Psychic Instability[edit]

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings at level 32
Blunt damage 94 Piercing damage 94 Slashing damage 94
Cold damage 94 Earth damage 94 Fire damage 94 Lightning damage 94