The Final Confrontation

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see The Final Confrontation (Hard mode).
The Final Confrontation
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Miku
in Shenzun Tunnels
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Raid on Shing Jea Monastery
Followed by The Final Confrontation (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest

Things have gone far enough. Assassinate Minister Reiko before she does any more harm to Cantha.

Quest information[edit]


  • Confront Reiko.
  • Defeat Reiko.
  • See Miku for your reward.


1 - This reward is not listed in the quest log.


Miku stands south of the entrance to Tahnnakai Temple outpost. After initial dialogue, she will take you to the garden where Reiko walks with Ashu, which is the explorable vesion of Shing Jea Arena. After a brief dialogue, Reiko will become hostile. During the fight, she will use three special skills:

  • Grand Illusion, which creates a vortex of phantoms; its strength is indicated by a purple bar on the screen.
  • Mirror Echo, which creates images of herself.
  • Mirror of Darkness, which creates copies of party members and allies; these will have exactly the same skill bar as their parent (including any PvE skills of player characters).

Your goal is to reduce the Grand Illusion bar to zero strength by attacking the real Reiko. During the confrontation, you will be aided by various allies from previous quests while members of the Ministry of Purity will come to her defense.

You can use any team here that successfully met any of the previous challenges. As long as you can keep the party alive, you will outlast Reiko in a war of attrition. Keep spread out, concentrate on one target at a time, and deal with the ministry foes as they come along.

Skill recommendations[edit]

Avoid using "Discordway/Hexway"-based builds:

All phantoms and clones are summoned creatures:

  • Swap can be used to identify the true Reiko. If she is selected, the skill will report her as an invalid target. Use Swap then immediately cancel so it doesn't cast. You will get the notification whether or not you successfully cast it if it is the real Reiko.
  • Anti-summon skills are effective. Holy Spear, Spiritual Pain and Consume Soul can be spammed to deliver strong AoE damage, since the false images tend to ball up.

Interrupting spellcasters are abundant here:

  • Mantra of Resolve and Power Drain on most, if not all, casters. Power Drain serves as both an interrupt and energy management (to counter the penalty from the stance).



Humans (Am Fah) (if Redemption for the Lost has been completed in the appropriate mode.)

Humans (Canthans)

Humans (Jade Brotherhood) (if Eri is not killed during There Goes the Neighborhood.)

Humans (Ministry of Purity)

  • Unknown 28 (28) Ashu
  • Mesmer 28 (30) Reiko (Before combat starts)

Tengu (Angchu)


Humans (Ministry of Purity)


Upon approaching Miku:

Miku: "Knowing what I know now...there's no way I can leave things alone. I can't forgive Reiko for what she has done. The only words I have for her now will be spoken by my daggers."
<Party leader>: "And what of Ashu? Do you still think that he can be saved?"
Miku: "I still think there's a chance. I have to believe that there is. With a strong enough will, anything in this world can be overcome. Now is not the time to falter."
Miku: "I've learned that there is a garden where Reiko and Ashu go, once every week. They are still guarded, but not as heavily as they are when they are within the city."
<Party leader>: "That sounds like our best chance to get at them. I want to avoid any more innocent people being caught up in this, or hurt by this, if it's possible. When do we leave?"
Miku: "Heh. As soon as you are prepared. Just give me the word."

Initial dialogue[edit]

"When this all started, I don't think any of us knew that we would end up here. I wanted to believe that there could be a better way, but the Ministry of Purity has become overly zealous. They're too dangerous... to themselves, and to others. The people that are following them truly believe that what they're doing is right, and that's the greatest threat."
"The only chance we have to stop this now is by removing Reiko. She won't stop until she has guided Cantha to her ideal. It is true that she has done good for the people, but at what cost? You know as well as I do how things will end. The only people that will be safe are Reiko's chosen. I could never live in a world that trades freedom for security. That's not really my thing... Heh."
"I've been able to come this far because you have been there. So what do you say, hero? You've saved Cantha once before; will you help me save it now?"
Yes Accept: "I will. People need the freedom to choose their own path."
No Decline: "I won't. This is a dangerous world, and security comes at a price."
Ask Ask: "It's finally time. We need to put a stop to this, before things can get any worse. I can't do this without you, are you ready?"
Yes"Let's finish this."
No"This will be a difficult fight, let's take more time to prepare."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Reiko: "I'm impressed to see that you've come here. It looks like you've finally grown up enough to stop running from your own problems. It's too bad you haven't also gained the wisdom to know when to leave well-enough alone."
Miku: "You're right. Maybe I'm not as wise as you. I've stumbled in life, and I've made mistakes...but I've followed my heart, and done what I believed to be right. I've learned from the lessons that life has taught me."
Miku: "That's why I know this has to end. The change begins here, and now. Ashu! Reiko has used you! She turned you into a symbol, in order to give herself power, to push her own agenda. I remember the days of our youth together. I remember your smile."
Miku: "So tell me. If this is the life you've chosen...then where is your smile now?"
Reiko: "I think you've said quite enough. So what if he has furthered my ambition? The people need hope. They need a symbol to rally to. I gave them hope, and I gave them the will to fight. What have you offered them? You are just outsiders, meddling in the affairs of Cantha. You're just another problem for the Ministry of Purity to solve."
<Party leader>: "That's enough. I believed in your cause at the start of this. I have gone to great lengths to make this world a safer place, and you have turned that against me. You have used the people of Cantha. You have used me."
<Party leader>: "This ends now. I will not allow myself to be used as a pawn ever again, and I cannot allow you to use others. We're beyond the point of settling this with words. Show me the strengths of your beliefs!"
Miku: "Don't think you can hide! I'm using Promise of Death on Reiko!"
Xin Ji: "I understand your words now, and we wish to aid you, should you have us. This is a fight worth fighting, and you need our help."
Reiko: "Cantha will be better off once I have purged our lands of foreigners and unwashed peasants like you!"
Miku: "These phantoms keep coming, but the real Reiko is among them - find her, and we can put an end to this!"
Soar Honorclaw: "Honorable friends! You thought to face this battle alone? Your will is our blade, and we will stand at your side!"
Reiko: "It will take more than these savage animals to stop my vision from coming to fruition!"

(Upon Reiko activating Mirror Echo)

Miku: "Don't be fooled by these tricks! I'm using Promise of Death on Reiko!" (note: Miku will say this each time Reiko use her skill)
Eri, Heart of Fire: "Looks like we got beaten here by the Tengu and a bunch of peasants. So much for our grand entrance! We'll just get to the point then. The destiny of Cantha is not for one person to shape, it is a path that we all must forge together!"
Reiko: "Your attempt on my life is laughable, and the more of your despicable friends that you bring, the more will lay dead on this field!"
Daisuke Crimson Edge: "Don't get the wrong idea, hero. We're not here to contribute to your legacy. It is you who stands with us. Our might will overcome Reiko's lies!"
Reiko: "Filthy vagabonds, you dare strike at me directly!? The streets of Kaineng will run red with the blood of all you hold dear for this travesty!"
Reiko: "There is no stopping my vision! The seed is sown, and the sheep are ready for their shepherd. Strike me down and I simply become a martyr. Another will take my place. Cantha shall be purified yet!"

(After defeating Reiko)

Ashu: "Deep down inside...some part of me always knew that I was being used. As much as it pains me to admit it. I never wanted to be powerless again, not after the Afflicted. And yet, that was the life I found myself trapped in."
Miku: "It's over now, Ashu. She can't control you anymore. You can come with me. I know it won't be easy, but we can learn to be a family again. We can make things better."
Ashu: "Don't misunderstand me, sister. I am thankful for what you've done, but I am not going with you. With Reiko gone, the Ministry of Purity will follow me. I'll never be powerless again. I'll never be afraid again."
Ashu: "The people here need me, and they love me. They'll look to me to show them the way. Our lands are in chaos, and only I have been blessed to show them the correct path to walk. I can make things better. I can make Cantha whole again, and I can make it stronger."
Ashu: "This is my life now. The people that we were died that day, along with our family. You are just a ghost. But now I am free to move on, free to make things better."
Ashu: "I no longer have to walk in Reiko's shadow. I have seen where she has failed, and I have learned. I will not falter, and I must look forward. Go, and don't appear before me again. There is no place here for a shade of a past long since dead."
Miku: "I... understand. You've made your choice. If this is how you wish to live, so be it. Let's go, friend - there is nothing more for us here. You know where to meet up with me."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Miku: "It's funny, isn't it? That we can fight so hard, that we can do so much. We've saved countless lives, and yet's the hardest thing to save someone from themselves."
Miku: "I want to believe that some of the person that I knew still exists within Ashu. I hope that he can find that again, and grow into a better man, and be a better leader. But I know that I no longer have any part to play in his life."
Miku: "The people do not need to follow him, what happens next is in their hands. Cantha has the freedom to choose its path now, and I have the freedom to walk my own. Through all of this, I've come to understand that the world is a larger place than I'd ever imagined. I want to go forward and embrace it, and see where life takes me. There is nothing more exciting than the possibilities that the future can offer!"
<Party leader>: "Then why not travel with me?"
Miku: "Go with you, huh? Well it is true that you've the only person I've met that can get into as much trouble as I can. We've already overthrown a ruler together; what more could we get into? Overthrowing one of the gods? Heh."
<Party leader>: "Well..."
Miku: "That was a joke. As if that could ever really happen! Alright, I'm sold. From now on, let's travel together. I don't know where it's going to take us, but I'll make sure that we get there in style."
"It's finally over. I'll admit that I had hoped things would turn out differently...but at least there's closure now. Ashu will live his life as he chooses. In the end, can you really ask for anything more for the ones you care about?"


  • There is an opportunity to map the area before and after the dialogue, which permits access to Shing Jea Arena that would normally be accessible during PvP.
Bug Bug.Elite Ministry Captains and Elite Ministry Zealots have their name swapped during this quest.