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Hexway is a generalized PvP team built around a variety of Mesmer and Necromancer hexes and designed to shut down and/or weaken a team to make them easier to kill. Most of the hexes are chosen to target the enemy backline so the team can be beaten by a single melee player. Hexway teams commonly add pressure through Toxic Chill, a Nuker, or Wastrel's Worry (which forces foes into a lose-lose situation where they will take damage whether they use skills or not).

Perhaps the most important advantage of hexway is that hexes can be applied faster than opponents can remove them — some hexes even help complicate the removal process.

Commonly-used hexes[edit]


Covering hexes[edit]

Some hexes are primarily used to cover more important ones:


Some hexes are ideal to be used as covers so that they can be removed just before they expire and cause additional damage using Shatter Delusions and Drain Delusions.

Team roles (edit)
Type General team roles Specific team roles Hero team roles
Damage SpikerNuker BomberDagger spammerTouch rangerStarbursterTrapper
Pressure Lineback BarragerBeast masterCripshot RangerPressure Ranger
Support HealerProtection BatteryBonderFlag runnerHybrid monkImbagonInfuserOrders
Control ShutdownTank Minion masterPermaSpirit spammer Mesmer Midline
Utility CallerToolbox Gimmick