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An Imbagon is an unofficial term used to describe a PvE Paragon/Warrior build focused around maintaining the effect of the shouts "Save Yourselves!" and "There's Nothing to Fear!" to provide high damage reduction to party members. The term is a portmanteau of "Imbalanced" and "Paragon".

Imbagons are primarily a Support build but can also provide minor damage with their Spear and related attack skills.

Due to "Save Yourselves!" high adrenaline cost and low duration, Imbagons usually carry some form of adrenaline management, typically "For Great Justice!", Focused Anger and Spear of Fury, although the introduction of the powerful Heroic Refrain has led to hybrid builds forced to drop the latter two.

Due to the reliance on shouts and adrenaline, an Imbagon is easily shut down by anti-martial skills and effects, notably blind, Shout denial from skills such as Vocal Minority and Adrenal counters, from skills such as Soothing Images.


  • A party member bringing Dark Fury can make the job of maintaining "Save Yourselves!" easier.
  • +100 AR of "Save Yourselves!" provides a damage reduction of 82.3% (against armor-respecting damage), equivalent of dividing damage by 5.7.

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