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A dagger spammer is an unofficial term describing a build based around repeatedly using the fastest-recharging Assassin Attack Chain, which are the dagger attacks Jagged Strike, Fox Fangs, and Death Blossom.

Since two out of the three attacks sport a low activation time, all have low energy cost, and dual attack always strike twice, this dagger attack chain provides one of the fastest attack speeds available to the player, as well as one of the highest skill use frequency, for a decently low energy cost. Death Blossom also provides a source of AoE damage.

This attack speed is usually further increased by an IAS such as Drunken Master.

This allows to effectively:

Due to the energy cost, dagger spammer builds usually need some form of energy management which usually consists of on-attack energy gain effects such as zealous daggers, or energy cost reduction effects such as Way of the Empty Palm.

Dagger spammers are vulnerable to skill disabling and/or shutdown, and their rapid attack speed makes especially vulnerable to punishment, e.g. from Quicksand or Empathy.

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