Dagger attack

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Dagger attack
Number of skills 37
Elite skills 4
Supertype Melee attack
Subtype Lead attack
Off-hand attack
Dual attack

Skill type. A dagger attack is an attack initiated with daggers. Dagger attack skills are sub-classed into the following three types:

Dual attacks always double strike, hitting twice during their use, applying the skill effects each time, and rolling independently for each strike. Lead and off-hand attacks cannot double strike.

Assassin attack chains[edit]

Assassin attacks are designed to be used in the following order : Lead attack → Off-hand attack → Dual attack. This combination is referred to as an attack chain.

When a lead, off-hand or dual attack successfully hits a target, that target's target display health bar will display an icon corresponding to the lead, off-hand or dual attack, and is only visible to the player that initiated the attack chain on that target. This icon lasts for about 15s, after which it disappears, and the attack chain must be restarted. The icon also disappears if the user dies, and does not reappear if the user is resurrected.

All Off-hand attack and Dual attacks except Golden Skull Strike (and Palm Strike which is not an off-hand attack but counts as one) have a requirement to land, typically to be preceded with the successful strike of the previous attack type, and will fail if this requirement is not met, using up the energy cost of activation but causing the attack not to hit. Lead attacks can be used without such a requirement.


  • Some skills require a lead, off-hand or dual attack, but do not count as one. Some skills that are not dagger attack count as lead attacks or off-hand attack.
  • Failed attacks do not cause the skill to recharge. Failed dual attacks still cause two attacks, but none will hit.
  • Dagger chains are particularly vulnerable to being interrupted, disabled, or have their recharge time increased. If all lead attacks are unusable, most off-hand and dual attacks are unusable as well. The mesmer skills Diversion, Clumsiness, Complicate, Ineptitude, and Psychic Distraction are particularly effective.

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