Web of Disruption

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PvP.jpg This skill has a PvP-only version — see Web of Disruption (PvP).

Web of Disruption

  • 5 Energy
  • 0.25¼ Activation
  • 15 Recharge
Hex spell
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Hex Spell. Interrupt target foe. For 10 seconds, target foe is hexed with Web of Disruption. When this hex ends, that foe is interrupted again.

Concise description

Hex Spell. (10 seconds.) Initial effect: interrupts a skill. End effect: interrupts a skill.


Skill trainers

Hero skill trainers


  • This spell does not need to interrupt a foe for the hex to be applied.
  • If the hex is ended early by any source, the second interrupt will be triggered. This makes Web of Disruption useful with Shatter Delusions or Drain Delusions.
  • Be careful giving this skill to heroes, as they treat it as a regular hex and will use it on foes who aren't using any skills.
Anomaly Anomaly.This skill's standard description does not specify whether it can interrupt only skills or all actions, including attacks. The effect is clarified in the concise description which states that both the initial and ending interrupts only affect skills.