Shing Jea Arena

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an arena. This name is also used for an outpost.
Shing Jea Arena
Shing Jea Arena CU.jpg
Region Shing Jea Island
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 4
Allowed levels (beginner) 1-10
Allowed levels (normal) 20
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect Miasma

The Shing Jea Arena is one of the maps in rotation in Random and Codex Arena, and the map is also accessible through Shing Jea Monastery as an arena for characters between levels 1 to 10 and during the quest The Final Confrontation.

The arena has a couple of distinct features. Upon entering the battle, you will see two Miasma fields to both your left and right, regardless of what side you started on. The arena is divided by a shallow river in the middle which players can easily cross over with no effects to them. There is also a bridge that spans the river.


Annihilate the opposing party.

Common tactics/tips[edit]

  • Battles are usually staged on either side of the river, between the miasma clouds.
  • While the elevated bridge may look like a good position for rangers and casters, the time and health lost in getting there can often outweigh its advantages. Furthermore, the time and health required to get back down if your enemies or allies move out of your range can also make it disadvantageous.
  • Many of the rocks along the stream cannot be walked across; casters and ranged attackers can use this to their advantage when kiting melee.
  • If you are affected by Miasma, stay away from healthy teammates and kite into healthy enemies, since it spreads like Disease.



  • This is one of two locations in the game where the Pug dog can be seen. It is located behind the gate on the south stairs. Another one is located in Bukdek Byway, just outside Kaineng Center.

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