D'Alessio Arena

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D'Alessio Arena
D'Alessio Arena CU.jpg
Region Kryta
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 4
Allowed levels (Zaishen Challenge and Elite) Any
Allowed levels (normal) 20
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect Poison swamp

During the harvest festivals, Krytans would frequently gather in the Arenas to watch their favorite gladiators compete for gold and glory. Today, fighters come from all over Tyria to compete at D'Alessio Arena.

— Description

The D'Alessio Arena is of one the maps in rotation in Random Arenas, Codex Arena, Zaishen Challenge, and Zaishen Elite.

The map has two routes to the opposing team. The main route to the west splits into two chokepoints in the center of the map, the alternative route leads through a poisonous pool. There is also a connection of both routes in the middle leading from west up a slope over a bridge to a central raised area and finally down to the pool to the east.


Annihilate the opposing party.

Common tactics/tips[edit]

  • Though there is a path through the swamp to the rear, battles are typically staged on the beach.
  • It is generally advisable to not fight in the choke under the bridge. If possible, draw the other team into it.
  • If you stand on the bridge, it's possible to attack enemies in melee who are directly below you, and vice versa.
    • Also, from the edge of the bridge, you can hit foes standing beneath the bridge with projectile attacks.
  • It is possible to shadow step from the upper area to the lower area, and vice versa. Heart of Shadow is especially useful for this. Beware, though, that your mobility is greatly compromised if you are on top of the cliff and your team is on the sand.
  • The central rock formation (the one with the path on top of it) is the largest obstruction on the map. Because of its irregular shape, it will often obstruct projectiles when both parties are hugging the rock, even if the line of sight appears clear.
  • The crevice in the rock on the northern half of the map is also an excellent obstruction, but its narrow entrance can be dangerously easy to block.
  • When walking through the poisonous pool, it's possible to avoid getting poisoned by walking where the distance from one side to the safe central area is the shortest.


  • This arena used to be the PvP arena for Lion's Arch. Following the release of the Battle Isles, people with access to Kryta and beyond could go to said isles for most PvP affairs, thus eliminating the purpose of this arena. It was since relocated, though it can still be seen on the World Map.
  • This arena, before the release of Competition Arenas was a 6v6 arena with a level cap of 17.

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