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Affiliation Not specified
Type Ghost
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core



14 Healing Prayers


In Tomb of the Primeval Kings:

"The servants of chaos struck like a volley of arrows; most did not even have time to raise a defense before they fell. I resurrected as many as I could and guided them to this portal, but now I fear the Tomb of the Primeval Kings may be lost to us. For each hero I raised from death, hundreds more were surely destroyed. I have sworn a vow to any god who will listen...I will not leave the gateway until this plague of darkness is ended. The fallen must be avenged."

In all other locations:

"As long as I tend the Resurrection Shrine, I can periodically resurrect fallen members of your party."


Battle quotes[edit]

"Our Resurrection Shrine is under attack!"


  • Resurrects all dead allies every two minutes.
  • Does not move from the Resurrection Shrine.
  • Has 800 health in the Codex Arenas.