Deldrimor Arena

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Deldrimor Arena
Deldrimor Arena CU.jpg
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 4
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk Priest
Effect Icy Ground

The Deldrimor Arena is one of the maps in rotation in Codex Arena.

Located in the southern Shiverpeak Mountains, the Deldrimor Arena is the one place where Stone Summit and Deldrimor Dwarves have been known to meet on level ground. This arena asks a great deal of the fighters who compete here, but the rewards of winning are great as well.

— Description


The Deldrimor Arena is a Codex Arena-only map. It consists of a U-shaped river of frozen ice lined by a narrow passage way. Teams spawn at each end of the river with their Priest. Movement on the frozen ice will be affected by Icy Ground.


Priest Annihilation: To be victorious, at least one player or the priest on your team has to be alive when the opposing team and their priest are dead.


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