Hell's Precipice

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest.
Hell's Precipice
Hell's Precipice map.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ring of Fire Islands
Type Cooperative
Party size 8
Duration Medium/Long
Preceded by Abaddon's Mouth
Followed by Defend Droknar's Forge
The War in Kryta

The Undead Lich is revealed, and now you must stop him before he unleashes his titan army across all of Tyria. Seek the Lich and destroy him!

Mission information[edit]


Entering the mission has no requirements, but the only way to access the outpost is by completing Abaddon's Mouth.


Stop the Lich from destroying the world.

  • Disable the Titan portals.
  • Defeat Undead Rurik.
  • Destroy the Lich.
  • *BONUS* Destroy all three Armageddon Lords.


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png


The Door of Komalie has been opened and now the Lich has gained control over the Titans through the Scepter of Orr. He has opened three portals to teleport these servants onto different regions of Tyria. Players must close them to save the world and finally defeat the Lich. The portals are located south-west of the island. The major difficulty players meet here is the combined strength of two types of foes, the Titans and the Imps called Spark of the Titans. The Imps deal massive area of effect fire damage (Rodgort's Invocation/Mind Burn) and are very dangerous as a group. The Titans cause burning condition to adjacent foes and also spawn other titans when killed in the following sequence: Burning Titan, Risen Ashen Hulk, Fist of the Titans and Hand of the Titans together. Always target the Imps first.

At the beginning of the mission, there are two bridges to the south; avoid fighting over them and use those structures as choke points instead. After crossing the second bridge, players will encounter a fork (both roads merge afterwards) and an overwhelming number of foes. Soon, a boss will spawn and all present patrols will rush towards it. Instead of engaging this huge army, it is advised to wait for them to go away and proceed to the south-east path to avoid such deadly threat. Another group of foes will be there. Before fighting these, make sure the big group has moved far enough away to avoid fighting both mobs. The Ancient Seer will be standing on the path to the south, "guarded" by at least (1) Burning Titan and must be saved for those willing to start the bonus. The Ancient Seer will not be attacked until within radar range of a party member. Continue to the south-west and you will arrive at a small area with different groups with overlapping patrols. The ground has ruptures and standing over them causes burning; watch positioning. Fight those foes separately to avoid over-aggro. Cross a third bridge to find the large open area where the three portals are located with numerous groups of foes.

This section features a large lava pool to the north-east from where more foes emerge until two bosses have spawned. Take out isolated foes that are scattered across the field to reduce their numbers. The very large number of mobs here can all be pulled in ones or twos if one waits patiently enough; Risen Ashen Hulk don't spawn any further Titans either. Then pull the roaming patrol away from the portals. Finally, close the portals by killing the three Portal Wraiths guarding them.

A cinematic will trigger and players will be taken north to face the Undead Prince Rurik with a pair of Spark of the Titans, in addition to two groups of Fist of the Titans. It can be easier to pull Rurik and the two imps from the platform to isolate them away from their titan allies. Once the two imps and Rurik are dead, the next cinematic will trigger.

Defeat the very end boss, the Lich, who has the ability to cast characters into the lava, as well as teleport himself to escape the party's attack. He can also resurrect with full life from one to three times, every time accompanied by two Fists. It is recommended to take care of these servants immediately and before targeting the revived Lich again. Contrary to Rurik's cinematic dialogue, the Lich can be killed anywhere and not just while standing on the Bloodstone.

Parties with heroes/henchmen should flag them at the center of the Bloodstone so that they won't run into the lava.

After completing this mission, your party will be taken to Droknar's Forge (explorable area). Each player will receive a Deldrimor Talisman (once only) from Jalis Ironhammer which can be exchanged for a unique item.


The bonus goal is to kill three Armageddon Lords (they also spawn Risen Ashen Hulks) at the large lava pool in front of the portals.

To obtain the objectives, players must first save the Ancient Seer located after the large spawn that moves toward the boss. A Burning Titan will be near him, but will not attack the Seer until a player reaches within spirit range. The bonus will fail if he dies even if you kill all the Armageddon Lords. The party healers can protect the Seer until the enemy is defeated.

The Armageddon Lords are themselves relatively easy to defeat and can be pulled individually from the lava pool. Do not close the portals before defeating the Armageddon Lords; doing so will trigger the cinematic, and players will have to backtrack twice--once to finish off the Armageddon Lords and then to engage Undead Prince Rurik later.

Note: There is a chance to face a bad spawn where all the Hulks and Sparks appear very close to the Seer and aggro much more easily, which makes it practically impossible to save the Seer. It is recommended to approach the Seer from the north, as it is possible to trigger these foes on your way south.

Skill recommendations[edit]





Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)

1considered a fleshy creature

Phantoms (Undead)

Boss-like foe[edit]

Lich (Undead)



Zombie (Undead)


Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When the Undead Lich appears the first time.

Undead Lich: "Ah, my friends, how nice of you to stick around."
Undead Lich: "You see I have much work to do. I bid you all adieu."

When approaching the first boss.

<First boss>: "Shith Mal Hacto!"

When the Undead Lich appears the second time.

Undead Lich: "The Mursaat are being quickly swept away as will all those who stand before my legions."
Undead Lich: "Soon you will all be crushed."

When speaking to the Ancient Seer.

Ancient Seer: "Unchecked, the Titans will rend Tyria asunder. Stopping the Lich is the only real way to defeat them. But there is more to this problem than you know."
Ancient Seer: "Among the Titan horde are their champions, the Armageddon Lords. If they are not stopped, these demons will surely bring an end to both man and beast. Most likely, the Lords will be the last ones through the portals that have been opened."

If speaking to the Ancient Seer after obtaining the Bonus Objective.

Ancient Seer: "I wish to see this to its end. Over the eons, much has changed in Tyria. But not these Titans."

When the Undead Lich appears the third time.

Undead Lich: "Soon you will all be crushed."

When the Undead Lich appears the fourth time.[verification requested]

Undead Lich: "Come forth and march across Tyria!" [verification requested]
Undead Lich: "To Hakewood!"
Undead Lich: "To the Henge of Denravi!"
Undead Lich: "To..."
Undead Lich: "Ascalon City!"

Intermediate cinematic[edit]

For more information, see Hell's Precipice (cinematics)
Lich: "This meddling is nothing more than a minor annoyance. You're only delaying the inevitable."
Lich: "Thanks to you, I command an army powerful enough to conquer all of Tyria. And now I intend to use it."
Lich: "But before I go, I have someone here you might like to talk to."
Lich: "Perhaps this will slow you down long enough to let me finish my work."
<Party leader>: "Rurik."
Lich: "I'll leave you to get reacquainted. I'm sure you have much to talk about."

Lich: "I am the Flameseeker. All of Tyria shall bow to me or be destroyed."

Undead Rurik: "Forgive me."
Undead Rurik: "It is not my will to fight you. But I have little choice in the matter."

Intermediate cinematic (2)[edit]

Undead Rurik: "Listen to me."
Undead Rurik: "The Door of Komalie must be closed."
Undead Rurik: "Kill the Lich while he stands atop the Bloodstone inside the caldera."
Undead Rurik: "If you do this, his spirit will recharge the soul batteries, and the Door will be closed again."
Undead Rurik: "You have served Ascalon well. I beg of you...do one last duty for your prince."
<party leader>: "Anything, my prince."
Undead Rurik: "End my misery. Release me from the Lich's spell."
<party leader>: "If that is what you wish."
<party leader>: "Travel well, Prince Rurik. Until we meet you again in the Hall of Heroes."

Intermediate dialogue (2)[edit]

When approaching the Bloodstone.

Undead Lich: "Away with you!"
Undead Lich: "You are no match for my almighty power."

End cinematic[edit]

Glint: "Long into the Season of the Scion, Tyria is revived again."
Glint: "Over the bones of the bird of prey, the fire is put out and the diabolic gathering is closed off once again."
Glint: "The Flameseeker Prophecies are now complete."
Glint: "The Door of Komalie is closed, and the Titans are once again safely locked away behind it."
Glint: "You have saved Tyria, but now you must also save yourselves. The volcano is about to erupt."
Glint: "There is a ship in the dock just inside the Mursaat stronghold."
Glint: "Unless you wish to suffer the same fate as Vizier Khilbron, then I suggest you make a run for it."
Glint: "Your deeds have earned you a place among the heroes of legend."
Glint: "Let us hope today is not the day your spirit joins those ensconced in the Hall."

Epilogue dialogue[edit]


  • Meteors will randomly fall throughout the mission, knocking down, and slightly damaging those they hit. The points at which they fall are predetermined and will not change, but how often they fall is varied.
  • Offensive Binding rituals placed outside earshot range may help against the Lich, as he will not move toward you from the center. Make sure you can inflict enough damage to overcome the Lich's health regeneration.
  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 1.06% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
  • For the best chance of survival and for minimization of damage, kill enemies in this order: Spark of the Titans · Armageddon Lords · Scelus Prosum (Elementalist boss) · Burning Titans · Fist of the Titans · Hand of the Titans · Bosses (excluding Elementalist boss) · Risen Ashen Hulk · Bone Horror
(When you have defeated a Risen Ashen Hulk, be sure to finish the spawning Fists/Hands before moving to the next one.)
  • Though she's referred to as Glint, the dragon does not appear in the flesh during the end cinematic but rather in the same ghostly form as her Vision.
Bug Bug.Occasionally, one of the portals does not appear. In this case, closing the other two portals does not help, but should be attempted.
Bug Bug.On rare occasions, the seer will be dead before you can trigger the bonus, even if you stayed out of compass distance.


  • The Lich mentioning Hakewood instead of Lion's Arch may be due to the fact that Lion's Arch was originally planned to be called Hakewood (the name Hakewood was later reused for another location in the game).[1]


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