Undead Prince Rurik

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies.

Undead Prince Rurik
Undead Prince Rurik.jpg
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Affiliation Undead
Type Zombie (boss)
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Prophecies

Undead Prince Rurik is the reanimated corpse of Prince Rurik, who met his demise at the end of The Frost Gate. The Lich Lord brought him back from the dead to serve him, and he meets with his old allies near the end of Hell's Precipice, where he is bound to the lich's will and is commanded to kill the players. You can also see him in the cinematic for Thunderhead Keep, at the end.

The players fight Rurik and defeat him, giving his soul peace. It is likely he has earned a place in the Hall of Heroes.



0 Tactics

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 139 Piercing damage 139 Slashing damage 139
Cold damage 119 Earth damage 119 Fire damage 119 Lightning damage 119

Items dropped[edit]


Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike most other Prophecies bosses, Undead Prince Rurik does not have Natural Resistance.