The Hall of Heroes

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the explorable area. For the arena, see The Hall of Heroes (arena).
The Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes (Explorable Area) Better.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region The Mists
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Tomb of the Primeval Kings
The Hall of Heroes concept art.jpg
Concept art.
The Hall of Heroes map.png
Map of the Hall of Heroes.

In the center of the Rift, deep inside the Mists, stands the imposing walled fortress known across the multiverse as the Hall of Heroes. This structure is the pinnacle of the afterlife. When a hero dies, his spirit goes to one of two places: either it is buried with the deceased body, forever trapped inside the rotting flesh and rancid bones of the corpse, or it is released into the Rift. This latter honor goes to only those few whose deeds in life were legendary enough to be known across multiple worlds, and fewer still earn a place among the souls ensconced inside the Hall itself.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

The Hall of Heroes is lit by an unearthly glow at its center. In 851 AE, Lord Odran opened various portals into the Rift and to the Hall of Heroes and hid them in the most dangerous places, behind various traps and wards. However, with his death, the wards disappeared and soon the Hall of Heroes became a battle of honor among the living. There are only three portals that are known: in Drascir, Tomb of the Primeval Kings, and on the Battle Isles.

The Hall of Heroes acts as the fourth and final area of the Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. It houses statues of the Gods of Tyria and is besieged by the three Darknesses. Upon killing all of three of the Darknesses, several Lost Souls will cheer the victory and fireworks will appear followed by a countdown timer, which sends players back to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

Getting there[edit]

You arrive in this area after defeating all of the enemies in The Courtyard.





Demons (Torment creatures)

Dryders (Underworld army)

Ghosts (Underworld army)


Zombies (Underworld army)


Demons (Torment creatures)

Dropped items:
Warrior Victo's Battle Axe, Victo's Blade, Victo's Maul, Victo's Bulwark
Ranger Elswyth's Recurve Bow, Elswyth's Longbow
Monk Wenslauss' Faith, Wenslauss' Chalice
Necromancer Kole's Torment, Kole's Gauntlet
Mesmer Illyana's Staff, Illyana's Mirror
Elementalist Milius' Pillar, Milius' Eye
Any Ogre-Slaying Knife


  • As with any elite area, there are no resurrection shrines; a party wipe here returns your party to the outpost.


  • Jora mentions that the Norn believe that the bravest heroes go to a place called the "Hall of Spirits."

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