The Tombs of Drascir

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the beta arena. For landmark, see Drascir.
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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
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The Tombs of Drascir
The Tombs of Drascir.png
Region Ascalon
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 4
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None

The Tombs of Drascir, the eternal resting place for the ancient kings of Ascalon, were lost when the North fell to the invading Charr.

Yet legends remain of noble spirits who stand watch over the tombs. If there is a passage between the mortal world and the Underworld, surely such spirits would know how to find it.

— beta description

The Tombs of Drascir was an arena outpost during the E3 for Everyone beta event.[1] The outpost was somewhat similar to Tomb of the Primeval Kings before it got corrupted by Abaddon and Dhuum's presence, but it resembled post-searing Ascalon as well.

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