Xingha, Zaishen Adherent

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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Xingha, Zaishen Adherent
Xingha, Zaishen Adherent.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Xingha tells players of different types of matches in Team Arenas.



"Balthazar's blessings upon you. Welcome to the team arenas. Here, groups of up to four people plan strategies and skill combinations to deafeat other teams. When you are ready to enter, you will face teams from over the world in a randomly selected battle ground with a random victory condition."
⇒ I have some questions.
"My service to the Zaishen is service to you."
"Would you like to hear about the various victory conditions, or perhaps you are on a greater quest to gain access to Heroes Ascent?. "
⇒ Tell me about annihilations.
"Annihilation is the simplest of fighting styles. When your team stands alive on the battle field and all your enemies are dead, you have won an annihilation match. Praise be to the God of Strife!"
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⇒ Tell me about kill count.
"Your time is limited in a kill count match, and if you die, you will quickly return to life at one of the nearby resurrection shrines. To win the match, your team must score more kills than your opponents before the time limit runs out. There is no penalty for death in these battles, so only the most vicious will emerge triumphant. All hail the Paragon of Bloodshed!"
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⇒ Tell me about obelisks and priests.
"Some maps contain magical towers called obelisks."'
"Obelisks are places of power that radiate damage over a wide area. To capture an obelisk for your side, take one of your team's flags to the Obelisk Flag Stand in its center. The obelisk will then damage all nearby enemies and will continue to do so until the enemy captures it."
"If the enemy drops his flag, you may touch it, returning it to his base. Placing a flag on the flag stand also causes a new one to appear at your base."
"You may find priests manning the resurrection shrines on some battlefields. These priests will resurrect all dead team members every two minutes; resurrected team members will appear at that priest's shrine. In any match where you find these priests, you must kill the enemy priests as well as the entire opposing team to win. If your priest is ever resurrected away from his shrine, you may click on him to lead him to any other unmanned shrine on the map where he will stay for your team."
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⇒ How do I Heroes Ascent?
"When you win five consecutive battles in the Team Arenas, a marker for the Heroes Ascent will appear on your map, allowing you to travel there. In Heroes Ascent, teams of eight compete for the ultimate honor of holding the Hall of Heroes and earning the favor of the gods."
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