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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Mixed Dye
Image varies
Rarity Varies
Type Consumable
Stackable Yes
Campaign Core

Mixed dye chart

Prior to the October 25, 2006 game update, there was no Dye Preview panel. To mix colors, one directly mixed one dye with another by double-clicking on one and using it on the other. The result was the replacement of both vials by a single new vial, called Mixed Dye. As such, Mixed Dye has no set color but can be any variable; see the picture of the table below.

The total mix could be made of up to four vials, the same as is possible via the current Dye Preview panel. This combination could be done in any order (two mixed dyes on each other or two individual dyes on a mixed dye, for example).

The icon of Mixed Dye was variable: a vial of dye with special coloring according to the vials used (for example, one made of blue and green dyes would be teal). If the now extinct Dye Remover was included in the mix, it was a specially colored icon of the Dye Remover instead.


  • Some scams tried to pass off Mixed Dyes as rare single-color dyes; for example, some combinations of yellow, silver, and/or orange were marketed as dropped gold dye, when in fact it only made a brighter yellow or orange.
  • Before the update, there was neither brown nor white dye; some players created these artificially by mixing dyes.
    • Brown dye was commonly made by mixing a primary color with its opposite on the (RYB) color wheel.
    • Mixing yellow with three silver dyes was commonly referred to as "white dye".
  • Mixed Dye produced prior to the update was not removed from player inventories. Due to the fact that they provide unique tints no longer obtainable with the new system, they are valued much higher than standard dyes.