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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Try GW:EN for FIVE Hours[edit]

– Even if You're Level 10!

Players who've secretly longed to try out the new Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion, rejoice! This holiday season we're giving everyone a present: a five-hour trial of GW:EN! Plus, in the latest update we permanently lowered the level requirement for Eye of the North from 20 to 10 to make it easier than ever to enjoy the first true Guild Wars expansion. Think your character doesn't have what it takes? Think again. We now provide a buff to all characters level 10-19 to go toe-to-toe with the new content.

How it Works[edit]

  1. Use this universal key to activate the trial (only one per account, account must have one full version of Guild Wars, Factions, or Nightfall activated):
    • 2NNJD-B39M7-CDGPJ-9QPB2-DH312
  2. Start the Guild Wars client. At the Log-In screen, click the "Create Account or Add Access Key" link. Follow the instructions to add the key.
  3. Once you have successfully added the key to your account, log into Guild Wars and follow the in-game instructions to begin your Eye of the North adventure.
  4. The trial will last for 5 hours of game-play and is usable within 14 days after activation. After the trial is over, you can purchase Guild Wars: Eye of the North to continue your adventures.

Please note: you will not be able to use this access key in the PlayNC Account Management system. You must follow the above instructions to add it to your game account via the Guild Wars game client.

In-Game Instructions[edit]

  1. To gain entry to the Eye of the North expansion, players accept a quest found in one of the major port cities in the game. These quests are given by Len Caldoron in Lion's Arch (if you own the original Guild Wars campaign), Minister of Maintenance Raiugyon in Kaineng Center (if you own Factions), or Bendah in Kamadan (if you own Nightfall). These are the same quests that level 20 players have used to access Eye of the North, but they are now available to characters starting as early as level 10!
  2. Upon entering any region in the expansion with a character from level 10 to 19, you will notice the "Journey to the North" buff appear on your character. This buffs your character to the effectiveness of a level 20, and remains on your character while in the region until that character reaches level 20.

Eye of the North Blow-out Event[edit]

To help celebrate, we'll kick things off with a special, ten-day event! Starting at noon Pacific Time on Friday, December 7, 2007, and lasting until 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, December 16, 2007, players in Eye of the North will receive:

  • Triple experience from all primary storyline quests in Eye of the North.
  • Double the chance to receive rare items from chests, and triple the drop rate of Lockpicks in Eye of the North.
  • Double gold and experience rewards for vanquishing Eye of the North explorable areas while playing in Hard Mode.

In addition, during the event, three special items will be added that can drop from all creatures in Eye of the North:

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