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Finale in Lions Arch

Wintersday 2006 was an event which began December 20th 2006 and lasted 21 days until January 11th 2007 to celebrate the Tyrian New Year. While the event was celebrated across the land, with foes randomly dropping candy cane shards, festivals were held at Lion's Arch in Prophecies and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan in Nightfall. The towns were decorated with gifts, snow, candy, and holiday NPCs. Special event quests were available and even repeatable. Ring games were available for all to enjoy, and on the final day of Wintersday, festival hats were awarded to all players in town depending on who supported the holidays two rival gods, Grenth and Dwayna.


Decorations in Kamadan

Lion's Arch

Kamadan, Jewel of Istan

Little Snow Palace in LA


Candy Cane Shard


Winter Gift
Snowman Summoner
Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm
Fun with Yuletide Tonic


Wintergreen Candy Cane
Peppermint Candy Cane
Rainbow Candy Cane
Spiked Eggnog
Yuletide Tonic


Festival Hats[edit]

And the winner is...

On the final day, the rival gods Grenth and Dwayna called upon the people of the town for their support. The God with the most followers, rewarded the people of the town with a festival hat. Followers of Grenth stood upon the red rings, and the followers of Dwayna upon the green or blue rings.

Stylish Yule Cap Great Horns of Grenth Freezie Crown Jester's Cap
Stylish Yule Cap.png Great Horns of Grenth.png Freezie Crown.png Jester's Cap.png

List of Candy Cane Equippable Items[edit]

Candy Cane weapons are special Wintersday weapons that can be crafted at candysmiths for Candy Cane Shards. All the weapons have a set damage (i.e. 10-10 or 15-15). The Candy Cane weapons, often abbreviated CC weapons, all have the look of candy canes, with thin red and white stripes. These weapons are favorable for low-level characters due to the lack of an attribute requirement.

Murals of the Gods in "wintersday mood"

Candy Cane Weapons[edit]

Candy Offhands[edit]


Additional sources[edit]


  • Candy Cane is often abbreviated to "CC".
  • By traveling between even and odd numbered districts and Prophecies to Nightfall, it was possible for one character to obtain all 4 festival hats at one time, as the Gods arrived some minutes later in higher numbered districts.
  • Wintersday 2006 was won by Grenth, which extended the length of the event by a week. In comparison, the duration of Wintersday 2005 was 16 days.


  • Gaile Gray accidentally leveled her level 6 Ranger up to 7 over the course of this event.

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