Jakob the Storyteller

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Jakob the Storyteller
Ascalon mesmer m.jpg
Affiliation Wintersday
Type Human
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 2
Campaign Prophecies

Jakob the Storyteller is a special event NPC that appears in Ascalon City during Wintersday.



When spoken to:

"Gather 'round, young and old, and listen close for a tale of Wintersday long past!"

The story:

"I remember as a lad the first time I saw Grenth claim a victory over Wintersday...."
"The faithful of Dwayna were countless in Kryta at the time. For over fifty years Grenth was bested and his icy hold on the lands loosened."
"Determined to end Dwayna's winning streak, the followers of Grenth devised a wicked plan."
"They created presents for Dwayna's clergy and brought them to her temples and shrines prior to the festival."
"The followers of Grenth prostrated themselves before Dwayna's followers and claimed that since Dwayna obviously could not be defeated, they would join her."
"Of course, Dwayna's followers are wont to believe the best in everyone, so they took the new converts at their word, and overjoyed at their conversion of the enemy, they tore into the presents with reckless abandon."
"Too late, Dwayna's clergymen realized that it was all a trick."
"The presents were cursed, and as each was opened, it trapped inside it the clergyman who had opened it. Not until Wintersday was over and Grenth had declared his victory were Dwayna's clergyman released."
"You see, the good people of Kryta turned their backs on Dwayna when her clergyman did not arrive for Wintersday. Thinking they had been abandoned, they simply put up no fight against Grenth's followers, allowing him as easy victory."
"Ever since then, those who follow the teachings of Dwayna have sworn a vow to refuse any gift from a devoted follower of Grenth."